Curly Girl Hair

I started writing this in February, on my way to watching Jackson’s spring training baseball tournament.

How I keep it from my face while drying (I’m sure not on the “do” list)

I’m half way to Orlando right now. With a 3 hour lay over in Baltimore, I have walked 2 miles, eaten dinner, watched a group of young lady athletes (my guess is softball as I am on my way to a baseball tournament) make tik Tok videos, downloaded two new apps on my phone to edit pictures and fully charged my phone. I haven’t had much conversation with other folks this trip as it seems that there are a lot of men traveling today, so I’m just minding my own business. Amazing with how much you can get done when you have no other distractions. That’s kind of how I work my online, virtual skincare business. I find a few minutes out of each day to eliminate distractions (tv, laundry, dishes, kids, phone calls etc.) and I do all the things that an online business requires. Things like phone calls, reach outs, posts on social media, messages to current customers to see how they are doing… Here’s an encouraging number, in the months in 2020, I’ve doubled my income from 2019. Now my business was new in 2019, and it takes 3-5 years to build a business to it’s full potential, but those are exciting numbers!

Shorter and not so curly but wavy

But what I was really going to write about: The Curly Girl Method; what is it? How did it come about? How do you do it? Why do you do it?

Longer, and see how the top layer doesn’t curl
as much?

If any of you have curly hair, or wavy hair, you know the struggle to make that curl look like a curl and not like a big frizz ball. Sometimes you don’t even know you how curly your hair is until you start doing these things. As you know, in life the grass is always greener on the other side. I’ve always had curly hair and never wanted it, I always wanted straight hair. But as I age, I try to embrace the things that are uniquely me.

Used heat to add curls to top layer.

Google tells me that the Curly Girl method, while in use for some time before this in various ways and by various people, was intoduced to the mainstream in the early 2000’s by Lorainne Massey, who even wrote a book about it. Women for generations were fighting a losing battle with frizz and someone came up with a solution!

Used curling wand here too.

Now you can’t Google it, Pinterest search it, Instagram hashtag it, or Facebook group it without getting tons of options to choose from. I went with the basics when I was looking at trying it, and I am not a very good test subject because I love to brush my hair (OCD maybe? I can’t stand the tangles) and I use heat (curling wand or iron) to “bend the ends” as my sister in law used to say, and to make the frizz stand down. That goes against the basic rule of the curly girl method.

So what is the curly girl method? It’s just actually a list of do’s and don’ts.


Use a t-shirt to dry your hair rather than a towel. A towel breaks or frizzes the hair shaft.

Do finger comb and scrunch your curls.

Do use plenty of conditioner. and then even more conditioner.

Do add some curl cream to the ends of your damp hair.

Do read the book “The Curly Girl Method”

Now for the Don’ts:

Don’t use a towel, as mentioned above.

Don’t color your hair…. lost a lot here!

Don’t use heat on your hair… lost a few more here….

Don’t use a brush or comb, use your fingers.

Don’t over wash your hair.

Don’t use any products containing sulfates or alcohol.

Now I’m certainly no master at this method, heck I can’t even follow it for a few days, but now that I’m we’re all in quarantine, maybe it’s time to try. We’ve got nothing but time, right and I guess if it’s a complete failure, I could always were a hat….. or is that on the don’t list?

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