Leopard print

Animal print is super hot this season. Leopard print or snake print, it’s everywhere! But these prints aren’t new, just more prevalent this year. Remember about 2007 the giraffe print Dooney & Bourke purse was all the rage? And a few years ago, cow skin rugs & zebra prints were trending. Of course snakeskin cowboy boots have always been super sexy!

I think now that the weather is cooling off, you’re going to see even more of this cropping up. Jackets, sweaters, Leggings…. be on the look out! This weather changing is a double edged sword. You can barely see the leopard print on this skirt, but it’s there, along with some great earrings from an indie jewelry designer sadierose .

The cool weather means pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires in the backyard, pulling out the sweaters, but it also means summer is over, no more beach days and back to school for teachers and students everywhere. Big pots of soup, apple crisp and cinnamon are the flavors of fall.

It also means Thanksgiving and Christmas season are coming soon, that always seems to sneak up on us doesn’t it, even though they fall on the same day every year! I love all the decorations and changing of decorations this time of year.

So hang on for the changes! I’m hoping I’m back with my blog every day now, I’m not sure where time has been disappearing to, but I love writing and sharing and I will do my best to share with you daily!

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