Mask Monday

I’ve got a couple of products new to me and I’ve been compelled to share I love them so much!

When I was in Florida for Jackson’s baseball spring tournament I was introduced to “Color Street” nail polish strips. One of Jackson’s team mates moms is a consultant so she introduced me to them right there is the stands! Lori’s Nail Nook on Facebook is where to find her. I was sold when I saw she could just sit right there in a very chaotic place and easily get the job done.

I’ve been traveling a lot since the middle of February, so I’ve actually had acrylic “dip” on my nails, which I love- both how it looks and it holds up, I am HARD on my nails. But maintaining those takes finding the time and it gets pricey. So now that I’m not planning to go anywhere for a while, I thought I would give them a try. My nails are a mess from having the dip on them for 3 months (they use the Dremel on them) so I thought these nail strips may help protect them while they grow.

Super easy to apply, if I had read reviews or tutorials before I started I would’ve realized I could stretch out the cost a little by using each nail strip on two nails by turning it over, so I’ll remember that for next time.

It literally took about 8 minutes from start to finish. And I did them as I was waiting to leave for church. There was no waiting time for them to dry, and they look really good.

So the bottom line is: I highly recommend them!

The next product is the Rodan + Fields Reverse Mask! Last week we tried the “Unblemish” Mask. Really good for breakouts and in my case, Using it on the “T-Zone” helps reduce my afternoon oily face.

This week the gold reverse Mask really felt more like an exfoliater than the blemish one, I’ll share the “glow” tomorrow but tonight it was just fun to turn my face gold for a while!

I highly recommend any of the masks and I’ll share with you as I use each one.

You can find them at

Or contact me and I can help you.

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