Olive Green

For a while I did the “dip” method of getting my nails done.  But after a few times of getting them redone, I really didn’t like how the drummel felt on my nail beds.  So now before events or travel I go get a gel polish put on them.  But in the mean time I do sometimes like to have color on my nails so I use this wonderful gel topcoat by Kokie.  When I do, my self-manicure lasts a good week (as long as I wear rubber gloves when I do the dishes). 

When I use a unique color (like this olive green, the same green I wore daily in my early Air Force Career) I feel the need to wear outfits all week that match my nails (does anyone else do this or is it the OCD part of me rearing up?). Notice in all photos below you can see the Olive on my nails. I promise to upgrade these ‘selfies to real photos very soon SO thanks for your patience.

Found this great olive green jacket from a company called Charter Club at Macy’s, the dark denim pants were George from Wal Mart, the white blouse is a non-iron (my FAVE) from Talbots…. I LOVE Talbots and the fun booties were from QVC.

The dress is from a direct sales company called Honey & Lace~ now called Piphany  (I have a weakness for Paisleys) and the jacket from Kohls. A basic pair of black leggings and ballet type slippers from LifeStrides (I love these so much I have them in 4 colors).

This green waterfall sweatshirt jacket is Ava Liv from Target.  The pants are Briggs brand from Macys and THESE BOOTS are Vionic  from QVC.  The comfort of these shoes is AMAZING.

To finish off the week (must have been a four day school week), these Briggs olive green pants with a couple of seasons old American Rag Company blouse.  Same, but different color, Life Stride flats and a bracelet from Brighton Jewelry to finish it off.

Thanks for your patience with the mirror selfies, and as I continue to learn about blogging and the technical part of it, I will include links and all kinds of fun stuff like that!  This here is the link to the Vionic Shoes on QVC, at some point I’ll figure out how to put it where it actually belongs.



What is “My Why”?

My son Jackson’s senior yearbook had a feature that many of the students participated in called “what is your why”.   It states:  “Your why is the foundation of you, your why is your passion, it’s the force that motivates you to follow your dreams, it defines who you are and what you value”.

Why have I chosen this time to pursue this Rodan+Fields?  What is my why?   Two things come to mind immediately when I ask myself this.

The first is my new “empty nest” status.  I’ve spent so many years of my adult life with my identity revolving around my family members that when my youngest left for college this year, I needed some time to figure out ME.  For the past 20 years I’ve been  mom,  wife, Chief’s wife, volleyball mom, basketball mom, soccer mom, baseball mom, coach’s wife, softball mom, tennis mom… you get the picture.  And don’t get me wrong, I loved every moment of it.  It was a crazy, busy, fun-filled time but with the youngest two in college I need to find things for me.  I joined the gym and actually have time to go, I make more time for friends, I have had the chance to go watch my God-children in their sporting ventures and now I’ve started a blog. And I am very thankful that my wonderful husband is understanding and supportive of all of this!

The second reason actually happened very recently.  I was at my niece’s baby shower spending sometime with my sister-in-law and one of her very dear friends.  My sister-in-law is about 10 years older than I am and I sure hope to age as gracefully as she is, so I assumed her friend was about the same age.  Over the course of the luncheon I couldn’t help but admire her friend’s flawless beautiful skin!  So when in the midst of a conversation she mentioned she was 70 years old, I was floored….floored!  I swear that skin looks 20 years younger!   I decided right then and there to start taking better care of my skin and wished I had done so years ago.  I started doing some research and decided Rodan + Fields was what I wanted to try.

I signed up today and ordered my first products, imagine my surprise when I opened the first “training” video and it talked about “FINDING YOUR WHY”!  (maybe it was a sign?) I’m looking forward to this new adventure, and I hope you stick around and see what happens!

Fashion Merchandising

Here’s a fun fact about me that not many people know; When I graduated from high school in 1984 I went to Western Illinois University and majored in fashion merchandising.  My dream was to be a buyer for a Marshall Fields in Chicago.  What I didn’t know until my second semester (maybe this is where my FBI-level researching started) was that at that time fashion merchandising was more of an art major than a business major.  I am certainly no artist.  I knew that before college and I confirmed that in my first art class, and even more in my second art class.  Needless to say I did not continue along this path.  I floundered for a few months, not knowing what I wanted to do.  6 months later I enlisted in the United States Air Force (a life I knew thanks to growing up as an Air Force ‘brat’) and spent the next 4 years traveling the world and discovering who I was.  After 4 years, using my GI Bill, I went back to college here in my adopted hometown of Big Rapids, Michigan at Ferris State University, and finished my bachelor’s degree in….  actuarial science, the total and complete opposite of fashion merchandising!  Turns out, math was my thing.

I’m like a teen selfie queen, until I get my photographer to jump on the bandwagon,
mirror shots it is!

But I never lost my love for fashion.  Clothing, accessories, shoes, purses… I love it all.  I’m ecstatic that Pinterest came along,  I just type in a key word like ‘grey jeans’ and so many ideas on how to wear them and what to wear them with pops up.  And along with Pinterest, and found in Pinterest, comes so many fashion blogs.  The possibilities are endless: young, old, casual, chic, business, pleasure, plus-size, petite… the list goes on and on.  One of my favorites is fiftyisnotold, I love Tania’s sense of style and sense of humor.  She also is my inspiration for Rodan & Fields.

These days, the students at St. Mary’s are the ones who get to enjoy Mrs. Brejcha’s sense of fashion and although the audience may be a bit young,  it’s worth the effort to me!  My fashion sense is going to be challenged the next few months when I travel via airplane rather than driving (we usually drive where  there is no limit to the amount of luggage I can bring!).  I’m going to try using some of the ‘capsule’ wardrobes off of Pinterest as my inspiration.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

First day fashions with my favorite kindergarten teacher. I never wear bracelets on my right wrist, that’s where I rest if for my mouse, it gets in the way!

Stay warm out there, it’s record cold out there this week…. Florida is looking better and better! And don’t forget to sign up at the bottom of this page to receive my blog daily!

Rodan & Fields, Let’s watch the change…

I’m going to be completely transparent here with this photo so we can watch over the next several weeks the changes!  Well, maybe with the second photo (why can’t we just look like we do with Snapchat filters all the time)? How in the world do you take a selfie though and not look cross-eyed? 

In taking this picture and looking closely at it, I’ve decided I need a new skin-care regime.  In my usual FBI level /mom mode/dig deep manner of research, including a long, lovely conversation with my new friend Tania Stephens (and her fiftyisnotold blog) I have decided that Rodan & Fields is the way to go.   Forbes Magazine has noted that “Rodan & Fields is increasingly rising to become one of the most well respected skincare companies in the world”.  Keeping it simple, it looks like there are 3 ways for me to choose from to do this:  order the product straight up, ordering the product as a “preferred customer” with a slight discount, or order the product as an Independent Consultant and share this with everyone I know!   I’m good at sharing!  I’ll get this project started this week and will keep you up to date with photos.

Being a fairly new “empty-nester” I have been looking for ways to fill my time and days in the discovery of ”me”.  Which is one of the reasons I’m choosing option 3 above. That being said, I actually have a lot going on in the next couple of months, it will be a challenge to see what I can accomplish skincare wise and being productive wise.  In 2 ½ weeks Mark & I fly out to Washington DC to visit our daughter who is out there this semester doing an internship (and the bonus of visiting with dear, dear friends).  The first of March I go to the Orlando area to watch my son play in a collegiate baseball tournament and then the last week of March, Mark & I will go to the Destin, Florida area on our annual trek for spring break (we began this tradition in 2003) this year however we are staying on the bay side with two of our all time favorite people!  Come back again for more fun details on all of that!

Wish me luck on this new venture, and please let me know if you have ANY questions!

Whole30 isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

Isn’t it amazing how what you are wearing and what you have put in your body effect how you look?  Take a look at this picture, it was literally taken 6 days apart!  The picture on the left was taken first, I was wearing one of my very favorite dresses, the ‘fit and flare’ by Land’s End.  I may have about 6 different colors and prints of this dress, and as you can see, it’s very flattering on plus size women (I’m a 18W or a 2XL).  And it was taken after a week of hiking and eating clean (like on Whole30).

We were at one of my favorite places, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  We were staying at one of the Air Force Recreation Areas called “Farish Recreation Area”.  If you have military affiliation I highly, highly recommend this place.  It sits right by Pikes Peak, the hiking is amazing without being overpowering (lots of meadow and foresty hikes).  The price is super cheap and there is everything from tent camping to cabins to a lodge.  The folks working there were amazingly helpful and true to Brejcha form, we checked in and turned around and someone in the parking lot yelled“HEY, CHIEF BREJCHA, long time no see”  and sure enough there was someone we were stationed with at Edwards AFB, California.   

The picture of the right was  taken  6 days later, a unflattering flowy top (sometimes we feel like more material ‘hides’ things, but in reality it just looks too big).  I think the way I was standing played a part in looking so much heavier, as did a week of eating sugar and carbs. 

If you’ve never heard of Whole30, it’s a ‘diet’ that is based on whole foods, and eliminates sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy and dairy.  At first that sounds impossible, but one of the first paragraphs of the book (yes there is a book, written by Melissa Hartwig and Dallag Hartwig in 2009) …paraphrasing… says:  Whole30 isn’t hard, kicking a heroin habit – that’s hard, beating breast cancer – that’s hard, giving up dairy, sugar etc. for 30 days… not hard!  So at the suggestion of my daughter we did it.  It’s amazing all of the ‘non scale victories’ that you encounter on this.  Sleeping better, skin better, and the list goes on. 

My face after 3 weeks on Whole30, no puffiness!

So follow my progress as I do it again!


I think the hardest part thus far of starting a blog is choosing a name!  After much reflection the title “myfiftyplusjourney” was born.  It means many things to me.  It means being over the age of 50, which is different than being in your 40’s or your 30’s or especially your 20’s.  Not in a bad way.  Being over 50 just brings you to a different season in your life.  My kids are all grown or in college, we’re empty nesters for the first time this year.  I have more time to focus on myself, which opens a whole slew of new doors.  The plus part of myfiftyplusjourney could mean I am fifty PLUS years old (52 right now to be exact or it could mean I am a plus-size women (who happens to love fashion).  The word journey could mean “let’s see if I stay a plus size woman”……. Or it could mean follow me on this new skin care journey I’m about ready to embark on with the company Rodan & Fields…… Or the journey part of the name of my blog could also mean that life is a journey, or the fact that I love to travel and am always looking for a journey  to go on .

just turned 50 here with our youngest child

Every blog instructional article tell you to specialize: be a fashion blogger, be a travel blogger, be a foodie  blogger, be a mommy blogger…  I think my specialty will be life in my fifties!  So often I come across things that I just need to share with someone; a good deal on clothing, a wonderful restaurant, an amazing place to vacation or even some random story of someone doing good in this world, and I just need to share things like that!

My introduction:  I’m Kim Brejcha (pronounced Breck-a),  I have an amazing husband, 2 beautiful children, 3 terrific step-children (7 great step-grandchildren), 1 dog and 1 cat.  I live in west central Michigan in a small-ish town where my husband is a 4th generation resident and I’m a school secretary at a local parochial school.  My people come from north central Illinois (where I went to high school) but growing up my dad was in the Air Force and then after one year of college in Illinois I enlisted in the Air Force and after that moved to Michigan to get my college degree, where I later met my husband and joined him on his Air Force journey

Thought for next post: How many of you have tried whole30?