Information Overload

So many different pieces of information coming from so many directions right now, it really is just overwhelming. Information from the news agencies, information from the other news agencies, information from conspiracy theorists, information from doctors, information from other doctors, information from the government. Obviously you want to check your sources, but what if all these differing opinions are from credible sources?

Vaccines, treatments, other treatments, protests to open the state, other states protests to keep the state closed, open the beaches, don’t open the beaches, eliminate all germs – use antibacterial products, germs help you build an immune system – don’t use antibacterial products, wear masks, don’t wear masks, America has a surplus of produce, America has no food, America is full of farmers, America has a meat shortage.

Look at her little whiskers!

Honestly, it’s overwhelming. I consider myself a highly educated, well read person and I’m just not sure how to filter out the weeds, and I’m not an expert in these areas, so why am I trying to filter out the weeds? Because the information from “experts” comes from both sides, offers both opinions. There is that saying “there is that person’s opinion (in this case expert opinion or finding) and there is the other person’s opinion (again an expert in this area) and the truth is somewhere in the middle. GREAT! So how do we find what is in the middle?

The other night we watched a movie, I don’t even remember which one, but it was SO interesting to me that after spending almost 8 weeks in ‘stay safe, stay home’ mode it made me very uncomfortable to see the people in the movies is LARGE crowds, right next to each other touching, hugging and kissing. It made me have that little anxious feeling inside. I wonder if anyone has experienced this? So now that we are starting to move around a little more and open up the country, I wonder if that little feeling inside will encourage people to stay socially distanced. Then next I wonder what will this do to all those other little bugs that we pass along.. colds, flu, etc.. Because up until this point I’ve always maintained that one of the reasons my immune system was so strong was because I don’t use anti-bacterial products, I work in a school with lots of smallish people who have a lot of germs all over them, and I spend as much time (although not when it’s below 34 degrees) outside. Between all these things, I feel I’ve built up a strong immune system, I rarely get what these kiddos get and they bring me a LOT of bodily fluids. SO now that I’ve not been exposed to anything for 2 months, what is going to happen? I think when schools open in the fall we will all be like first year teachers, sick often. So be ready administration, we are going to need a lot of substitute teachers next year!

So if I decide to retire and stay home and social distance for the rest of my life, it’s because I can’t figure out which advice to follow, which people to believe or which path to follow. For me, that really is a dramatic over reaction, but for some, this may be a reality, for those who are a little more vulnerable, this very well may be a reality, so we need to watch out for one another.

My contribution to good will, will be lots of puppy videos on social media to make people smile (hence the pictures on this post), and the usual ‘share the good’ posts and pondering of what is happening around town and around the world. Hopefully some travel thrown in to bring back that sense of adventure that seems to be squashed right now!

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