Black and White Stripe

It’s hard to write about fashion when the only thing I wear all day long is cozy clothes. My friend Tania is a professional blogger, that’s her career, and she’s amazing at it. She will get cleaned up and ready and take several days worth of photos at a time, I just don’t seem to have that motivation! Nor is blogging my career, so there’s that. I also enjoy blogging about traveling, we travel a lot, and we do it frugally which appeals to many people (some blogs you go to it’s all high end, super swanky places and although we’ve done that before, it’s not our travel of choice right now). But there is no traveling right now either. So that leaves me with a couple of choices; Keep writing lifestyle blogs, write about past travels, or take the time to do some outfit changes and write about fashion….. You’ll have to watch for the next several days to see what happens…. quite honestly probably a little bit of both. If you do want to see a professional in action, head over to and check out my friend Tania. When I am stumped about what to wear a particular item with, I head over to Pinterest and put in the search what I am looking to match (ie: denim shirt) and several options pop up. I love having that resource, but what’s really fun is seeing my friend Tania all over those pages!

So today, for an example of how to dress very comfortably but also look presentable. I just threw on a wonderful pair of joggers that I got from all places Wal Mart. Wal Mart has really stepped up their game in the fashion area. When we went to Florida in February, we woke up to 40 degree weather and it was chilly for a couple of days. I had the jeans I traveled in, but no long pants other than that. We stopped at Wal Mart to pick up a few groceries and I threw these in the cart thinking they would be and extra pair that I could use to paint or work outside in, but they are SOFT and comfortable and I actually love them, they are now a staple in my casual wardrobe. This is the pair . The shirt actually came from TJ Maxx last spring or the spring before. I have this affinity for ruffled sleeves right now, and then, and luckily you can still find them. And apparently the only place to find striped, ruffled, short sleeve tops are on Poshmark or EBay. Who knew they would be so popular? Sorry I can’t provide the link. I do usually put on socks and shoes for the day, but I hadn’t yet when I told this picture. I have on my Minnetonka black slippers. I love them along with my bionic slippers, but my feet get too hot in slippers, so I can only wear them in the mornings. The pair I wear is here:

Are you a get up and get dressed in real clothes person? Are you a wear your jammies until noon or all day person, or are you a get up and get dressed in cozy clothes person? It seems we all fall into one of those categories, for whatever reason. The middle one certainly saves on laundry! The first one seems to be a lot of effort to impress the dogs, however it is probably more of a mindset than anything. I’m more of the last one. I do get dressed, but in shorts and a tee or sweats/leggings and a tee. And if I have to go anywhere (can you say grocery store?) I do put real clothing on. However makeup is a no go most days, even in these photos, so thank goodness for Rodan + Fields LashBoost! Let me know if you need more information on that!

I hope you are all doing well. This is certainly an interesting time. I’m pretty much a rule follower, so if the governor says wear a mask, I wear a mask, however I’m not a rule follow to the point of compromising my morals or values. I’ve seen some picketing and posts lately of people who are comparing following these rules fo something ugly in our world’s history. I think if we all follow our moral compass. Have compassion and kindness for others, and do what is for the greater good, we will be fine. And maybe if we all stopped watching the news……….. (hence the TP shortage)……. Good luck with that one……

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