Working From Home

For those of us who are ‘homebodies’, don’t have small children at home and are still being paid to work from home this quarantining business is really not inconvenient. Now don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to go on vacation this spring, I love going out to dinner or having drinks with my friends, but I don’t have near the challenges that I would have if I had small children at home, was trying to work and homeschool or trying to work with small children around. And although moms everywhere would tell me this is no comparison, my whole routine changed this week with Rosie the new puppy.

Last winter Mark sectioned off part of our basement with what started as a very large walk in closet, and ended up being a walk in closet/office/potential guest room. As Mark was sectioning my part off, I was offered some beautiful furniture that had been my children’s when they were small. A lovely solid trundle bed and a side table. So I incorporated that into one side of the room, and then decided that would be a good reading nook and the trundle area underneath would be good for sweater storage. The next step was when we reverted the mud room back to a mudroom rather than a reading nook and moved the high top small breakfast table to my “closet” as well. So what went from a walk-in closet now serves many purposes. What I have been finding is that if I go downstairs to my “office” and work down there, I don’t create as many interruptions. You know, the laundry needs to be changed out, the dishes need to be done, the phone rings, the dog needs to go out, etc, etc, etc…

So with this quarantine I’ve been working down there in time blocks (like I mentioned the other day) and it’s been working well. I was getting a lot of school work done, a lot of Rodan and Fields work done, Zooms – both business and pleasure, I block times to come up and do those housework, doing small projects every day. I would get up, have my coffee, check emails. Get dressed, go down and write my blog. Come up for more coffee, work on school projects getting ready for next year. Eat lunch. Answer school questions and emails. Work on Rodan and Fields, posts, trainings or answering questions and emails. Work out. Finish up school work and any R + F work. Make dinner, eat dinner, and the day is done. Well that has come to a screeching halt. (Hence my blog at 7 pm last night instead of 7 am) And I know that it will all fall into the “new” routine… but this is how it looks now….

Wake up, take the puppy out. Start coffee, play with the puppy, try to drink said coffee, separate big dog from small puppy, keep trying to drink the same cup of coffee, keep puppy from antagonizing big dog. Open laptop, take the puppy out again. Open email, pull puppy away from lamp cords, start to write email, pull puppy off of cat…. and soon it’s lunch time and I’ve gotten nothing done…. HOWEVER, my friend Tina loaned me her enclosed baby gate, it’s a GAME CHANGER! I can actually get a few things done while I leave her in it. I don’t leave her for hours on end. I just “time block” her time in there as well. She’s safe, she’s contained, she usually sleeps (she is a baby after all) and I can move it from room to room with me.

So with this new ‘tool’, let’s see what all I can get done. today is going to be a beautiful day in Northern Michigan, so the baby gate may be transported outside so I can keep her contained while I’m working outside. I think she’s going to be a bit of a digger, so she may just tunnel her way out of that one…. Stay tuned!

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