Wearing Masks

Today I had a big day out to the grocery stores. That is really the only place I go other than for walks. I shopped at 3 stores and here is what I found in small town northern Michigan:

All but just a handful we’re wearing masks, and I’m sure that those who didn’t have a mask on had a reason that they didn’t have a mask on. And what fun to see all the different masks, if we gotta wear ‘em, we might as well have some fun with it. I ran into my friend Kurt, he has taken a Crown Royal bag, if you know Crown Royal you know what I mean, and turned it into his mask. There were bandannas, gators, medical masks, those light blue surgical masks, masks that had mouths on them, polkadot masks, plain masks, print masks…. I even ordered two masks from Lilly Pulitzer print, just to throw a little happy on the subject!

I did find though that if I wear my mask with my glasses and if I don’t have it adjusted just right, it fogs up my glasses… So when I went out today I wore my contact lenses so I wouldn’t have to deal with the fogging up while I was doing my grocery shopping. Grocery shopping for three weeks is stressful enough as it is.

The grocery stores now have arrows to show you which way to go down the aisle, as all the aisles are one-way now. It reminded me a lot of shopping at the commissary on Air Force bases… That is how they used to be. And it was interesting I only saw a couple people who are going down the isles the wrong way and this was my take on them…A couple of them were elderly and working really hard to find things on the shelves so I don’t even think they knew they were arrows on the ground, but I did see two of them who looked at the arrows and defiantly went the wrong way. I found that very interesting.

All of the grocery stores had the arrows in the isles, had X’s 6 feet apart at check out, had limits on the amount of food you could purchase, as far as quantity for any one item, The grocery stores were not crowded, in fact most of the shoppers were single shoppers, although there was a couple or two in the store. I’m sure they were just trying to get away from homeschooling their children. It really was refreshing to see everyone being respectful of the guidelines that have been put out. Whether they’re 100% effective or not just by doing these things I think that we all limit exposure potential.

I was shopping for three weeks worth of groceries so I had to go to three different stores because no one store carries everything I was looking for. It took me three hours to go to all three stores to buy my groceries and to come home, and I only live seven minutes from the grocery store. It is not my preferred method of grocery shopping, but for right now it is how I choose to do it.

Stay safe out there, I hope your shopping experiences are as pleasant as mine was today.

One thought on “Wearing Masks

  1. I enjoyed reading the positivity within your post. Shopping in my locale (Northeast region) fits your description and like you I found some senior citizens going the wrong way in the aisles.
    Tis hard to adjust to change yet here you are amidst the chaos finding a bit of humor with
    regard to different styles of masks – I too love how my glasses fog up.
    In the beginning I likened grocery shopping to The Twilight Zone – now I refer to a morning
    adventure in the Wild Wild West.
    You take care and stay safe, also!!


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