Rosie The Doodle

You have heard all about my Hank, the 95 pound lap dog, who had cancer at 3 months old and then lost his best friend at 11 months. Hank is THE most tactile animal I have ever owned. He NEEDS to touch someone ALL the time, so as you may have heard me say, this time of quarantine when we are all home, all the time, makes Hank very happy. We’ve talked a lot about Hank getting a buddy. We debated an older rescue dog, but with Hanks mouth being so sensitive, I’m not comfortable bringing in a dog I don’t know. I wouldn’t know what it’s “triggers” were or if they had any or what happened in the home that they were in before ours. I feel a greater responsibility to keep Hank safe than I do adopting an adult dog. Not everyone will agree with me, and that’s fine, we can agree to disagree. I’ve been on lists for puppies at shelters and rehoming sites, and they are just adopted so fast, you have to try for months/years to find one.

Last week my friend Katie showed a picture of the last of her puppies that her mom’s dog had, she was back and brown and adorable, even cuter as an adult (she had a pic of her adult sibling), that lead to talking, debating, “hemming & hawing” in our house hold… and all the questions that go along with it… is it the right time, is it the breed, are we ready for the infant stage again, all the questions. Michigan is out of school for the rest of the year, Mark and I are literally home until sometime in August so the timing probably couldn’t be any better! So I called my friend. Funny enough, the puppy we initially saw was no longer available. So we had to choose from a boy or girl, yellow or black. We chose the smaller, sweeter, yellow female and picked her up on Monday.

Hank was a little beside himself for the first couple of hours. He barked loudly in her face a couple of times, and didn’t want her to touch him, but within a short amount of time they were drinking out of the water bowl at the same time! Within 24 hours they were sleeping together on the floor like two otters! Hank is in Heaven.

She’s doing well with potty training, she did have one accident that was totally our fault for not taking her out after she woke up. We are learning all about sleeping… when Hank was a puppy one of my blogs was called “puppies don’t sleep”. We’re trying something different with this one. Whenever she falls asleep, we pick her up and put her in her kennel. She cuddles in and stays asleep. When we tried just putting her in her kennel when we went to bed the first night, she cried and cried until I couldn’t take it anymore and brought her out to my lap in the recliner, where she went right to sleep. Now she sleeps for hours when we put her in there while she’s sleeping!

Then there is naming, that’s a hard one! So far we tried about 4 different names. Rosie is the one that has stuck! So we’re going with it. So Rosie it is…like Rosie the Riveter. If you follow me on social media, you’ll see a lot of Rosie in the next few weeks! And if you’re in Marks 6th grade class, you met her on Zoom class today! More fun to come!

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