Time Blocking

Happy Monday morning! Does it feel like a Monday to you, or so all the days blend together? The first few weeks of this stay home stay safe order felt like our Christmas break. No agenda, no plans, no diets…. but then the fact that this was going to be a long haul started to set in and it was time to set up routines and schedules. I think now that we’re starting week 7 of this I’ve got a route down pat. It starts with always get dressed, and always make your bed!

I take Saturday’s and Sunday’s off of school work. Otherwise it would be easy to work every day at all hours because it is so easy to lose track of time and days. For me that sets those days apart from the work day and allows me to relax and do fun things (watch movies, read novels while sitting outside, hiking in wooded areas… ).

During the week I try to stay on a “flexible” schedule… wake up & leisurely drink my coffee, write my blog, answer all school questions and do some of the admin stuff that needs to be done for each student, teacher, end of school year and to prepare for new school year. Eat lunch, jump on my daily zoom with my Rodan & Fields team (there are usually about 25 of us on… for short trainings, fellowship, support and how we can help others), walk &/or work out, finish more school work, cook dinner, eat dinner & watch the news and depending on what everyone else in the house has going on; watch movies, play a card game or go back to some type of work.

In between all of that there is some housework that gets done, showering, the dog gets let out every couple of hours to chase the tennis ball, the “always on the table” puzzle to put a few pieces in and emails and social media to peruse.

Quite honestly, I feel far busier than I was going into my office every day. I think it’s because some of the things I do from home require finding the document, updating the document or creating the document, and online learning brings up a whole new set of questions and problems to address. I’m sure it has nothing to do with being distracted often, whether it’s the dog, the puppy, the laundry, the mailman, text message…. whatever it is I’m more easily distracted than normal. I’ve taken to working in “time blocks” to stay on task. I literally set my timer for either 30 minute or hour long blocks and work until the timer goes off, then I get up and move around or do some distraction and then get back to it. So far seems to work, except today with the new puppy, my blog is 9 hours late.

I hope you are all well, I hope you are finding joy in the simple pleasures. Puzzles, reading, spending time with your family… all of those things we don’t always get to do, and read blogs, I love blogs. My friend Sheri actually does hers as Facebook posts entitled “Dear Diary” and does a diary like entry on quarantine day xx and they are HILARIOUS, . We have done four 1000 piece puzzles, and are just waiting for Katie to finish her final exams before we jump on number 5.

As it’s almost time for the news, I had better listen to my timer and move onto the next task. Until tomorrow……

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