Tuxedo Pants and Ruffles

I’ve been busy the past couple of nights booking hotels, airlines and rental cars for a couple of different trips in March. The first one, Jackson and his college baseball team play at a tournament in Winter Haven, Florida over their spring break. Winter Haven is between Orlando and Tampa. Last year we stayed at a wonderful Holiday Inn resort, where I would definitely stay again, but because I’m going by myself for most of the trip this year, when another baseball mom offered to share a house I jumped on it! We’re staying in a community called Championsgate. Lots of pools, palm trees and maybe a lazy river! There are usually 2 off days during the week, spent at beach, Disney or having down time.

I’ve been looking into an app called Turo. It’s similar to Airbnb for lodging but it’s for cars. If Mark were with me or if I had used it before I wouldn’t be so hesitant, but because I’m unfamiliar with how it all works, and unfamiliar with the liability part of it I went with the traditional car rental agency. Sometimes I feel like it’s all such a game. You have to check all these different sites and put in all these different promo codes and hopefully you’ll get a decent price. Airlines are the same way. I am usually able to find a decent price by either changing airports we’re flying into or shifting days one day forward or back. The rental cars are a little trickier, you need to find corporate rates to get them lower, like USAA or Amazon.

I ended up choosing a rental from Thrifty Car rental. Did you know they’re owned by Hertz. I imagine the price levels are based on services and amenities. I usually go with one of the “big 5”, Avis, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise or National. They offer “go straight to your car, don’t go to counter, and check in on the app”. Ya gotta love that. But for literally half the price, Thrifty had the same car available. So because we’re doing so much traveling, I went with the lower price.

I’ll share more about my trip as I finalize some plans.

For now I’m still in Michigan and loving these tuxedo leggings I found at JC Penney at a very reasonable price, on sale for less than $10. The shirt with the ruffle bottom comes from LOGO from QVC. LOGO usually fits spot on. Just a longer black cardigan to cover the bum and out the door I go!

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