Denim and Polka Dots

It’s Taco Tuesday today. As often as possible we try to have have Taco Tuesday with our neighbors. Literally Tacos on Tuesdays!

I hope you are as blessed with neighbors as we are. To the south are our neighbors who have lived there for 20+ years. We have great history, Mark and Mr. neighbor went to high school together, they often share memories at the dinner table. Mrs. Neighbor has one of the kindest, biggest hearts of anyone I know. She’s always willing to come and let the dog out or bring in a package and we do the same. To the north are our neighbors who have lived there for about 2 years, but Mr. neighbor to the north also went to high school with Mark, Mrs neighbor is a beautiful soul who always sees the good in the people! When they all come for dinner, there are stories, singing (yes singing), and laughter. It is such a blessing to live next to good people.

Mrs. South neighbor and my son Jackson always go first. And now that Jackson is at college, she’ll yell down the hallway towards Jackson’s bedroom “I’m going first Jackson”, even though Jackson’s not there. And then she starts! She also makes the desserts, and we always have dessert. She’s an amazing baker, and very creative. It’s funny too we all have our favorite part of the dessert pan, Katie likes the middle pieces, Mrs south like outside pieces and sometimes Mark doesn’t have dessert.

I love polka dots and I love denim. So when I found this shirt at Kohl’s, I HAD to have it! The pants are my usual JC Penney black staple pull on skinny leg. The sweater is a Talbots and these low calf boots are Chaps Brand, also from Kohl’s. A mid calf boot, somethings a little different.

I bought this shirt in my usual size and it’s actually way too big. I would suggest sizing down with this one. Everything else is spot on size wise.

One thought on “Denim and Polka Dots

  1. You look good in polka dots, denim, stripes, flowers, pearls!! ALL OF THE THINGS. You also are a great neighbor yourself, willing to put up with all the singing and all the shennanigans. I appreciate your easy going nature as well. Thank you friend.


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