Suede Leggings

Anyone else just love a lazy day at home? Today is Sunday, we went to 11:00 Mass, heard an amazing homily, as always, thank you Father Jegar! Came home to shovel the drive, back patio and flat part of the roof. After that, other than laundry, I really didn’t have anything I HAD to do, so I decided to take the rest of the day off. I’ve been catching upon a few television shows, going through and deleting pictures off of my phone… 7000 is just too many… and cuddling with my 100 pound lap dog. It’s just now starting to get dark and I’m very, very relaxed and very, very content.

I feel like we don’t do enough of that these days. I know I’m guilty of filling every hour of every day either with our kids’ activities or with work or errands or housework. And I think we’re missing out on rejuvenating and keeping our minds as healthy as we keep our bodies.

A lot of times on our vacations Mark will choose to put together a puzzle rather than sit on the beach. Sitting on the beach is not his favorite thing, so this is how he rejuvenates.

Take a day, relax doing whatever your relaxing thing is. Your mind will thank you!

Now look at these fabulous brown suede pull on leggings. They are super soft and very cozy with the yoga band waist. I found them at Marshall’s Click here , but they also have them at Kohl’s and J.Jill.

The cowl neck long black light weight sweater is the perfect length to cover your tush. Cuddle Duds, found at Kohl’s for this versatile staple. Kohl’s

Now this jacket is not the one I wanted, but the one I wanted was $268 from a company called Cabi. It’s a beautiful coat, but I couldn’t justify the cost for something I would only occasionally wear. So this was the second best from Meijer at $24.

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