Perfect For Weddings

What is it about weddings that’s makes people crazy? Is it the planning and waiting for so long that you want every little thing to be perfect? Is it the expectations of parents, grandparents and other family and friends of a perfect day? Is it being “on stage” in front of everyone? Is it the thought of the enormity of the situation, you are spending THE REST OF YOUR LIFE living with this person, sharing with this person, trusting this person?

The crazy thing about it is the only person who really knows all the details and what the expectations of the day and each part of the day is, is the one planning it- the bride- so if any little misstep occurs, she really the only one who knows it’s not going as planned, or it doesn’t look like it should. Pretty much everyone else thinks it all looks fantastic!

As a guest, there’s always the angst about what to wear. You don’t want to wear white, that’s for the bride. You used to not wear black, that’s for funerals, but this past couple of years I’ve seen quite a bit of black at weddings, especially evening or formal weddings. The wedding I went to mid summer, I chose to go with a floral because it was an afternoon wedding.

This was a dress from our local Maurice’s store right here in Big Rapids. It was dressy, not too loud, but still summery. Also I could wear flats because it was a maxi length, a bonus!

Early fall we went to another wedding and I chose a shorter brighter color because it was a late afternoon wedding.

I think we cleaned up pretty good!

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