Black Pumps

I rarely, rarely wear heels. I work at a school, I run around all the time, I hang out with preschoolers through middle schoolers, I attend sporting events, I exercise, but I rarely wear heels. For the most part I find them uncomfortable as well.

Last night we had a dinner at a nice restaurant, so I raided Katie’s closet and found these gorgeous shoes (Easy Spirit) that look perfect with these skinny ankle pants from JCPenney, Worthington line. The chunky heel made them very comfortable, I love the look of them, they felt very feminine AND I felt very powerful in them. Isn’t that crazy how something as mundane as a shoe can do that? I guess that’s along the same line as red being a power color. This top also came from JCPenney, this winter and although I was hesitant about the side tie, I’ve grown to appreciate the lines that creates!

I’ve always got some critter in my photos! Hello Roger!

While I was getting ready last night, I had to replace the toilet paper on the roll and forgot I hadn’t shared this “I’m such an idiot” story with you….

We have two bathrooms, our master bath is fine but the main bath has a hard time handling those “mega rolls” of toilet paper… you know the 4 in one rolls. They are too fat for the t.p. roller so it gets stuck until you use some up, and too fat for the t.p. holder I have near the toilet. So I am constantly on the hunt for double or even triple rolls. The kids and Kyle were all coming home for Christmas break, so I really needed to stock up, but the two grocery stores in this town only had mega rolls, except for the very end of the t.p. aisle where I found this pancake… EUREKA!!! I found a package that would fit, The only one in the whole store, in all of two stores. So I snatched it up and headed home. I put the package the main bathroom cupboard and went on about my business.

A few days later I noticed the holder in that bathroom was running low so I opened this new package…. oh they fit alright… and when I replaced the t.p. I realized why… it was SINGLE PLY… Have you ever used single ply? Think public restrooms, school bathrooms, etc. it’s awful, but I’ve got SIXTEEN ROLLS!!!!

I thought for sure they would go fast with as much as you have to use at a time, but no such luck! Literally this toilet paper is going to last me a YEAR!!

So the moral of this story is – read the fine print! LOL

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