Brighton Jewelry

Quite often in life, you get what you pay for. I just recently found that to be true with Brighton Jewelry.

Brighton is my husbands “go to“ gift when he hasn’t had any other revolutions or inspirations. I happen to love Brighton, so this is a fantastic thing.

One year, when we were stationed at Minot AFB in North Dakota, just he and I traveled over to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. They have a wonderful Brighton Jewelry store. To commemorate that trip he bought me a beautiful leather and silver key fob, and I’ve used it ever since, probably 12-13 years of use. Just before Christmas it broke, the silver part just snapped. I was pretty sad about the whole thing, I loved it, it was a fond memory and it was of sentimental value to me. I knew however that although Brighton does have a very liberal warranty, it would not cover 10 years of use.

I decided on a whim to ask them if they could repair it, so I sent them a letter with my request and my phone number to call to get my credit card information for any charges.

Lat week I received a package in the mail from Brighton, it was my just like new, except the leather is soft, key fob. It looks like brand new. And there was no charge.

I’m sure that the cost to them was pretty minimal, but that quality of customer service earned them a customer for life, one who will recommend Brighton jewelry to everyone I know and everyone I meet.

Brighton is an American company out of The City of Industry in California with about 600 employees. Although some of the components for their products come from other countries, they are manufactured right there in California.

It’s worth the price, you get what you pay for!

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