Rock Star Grey Jeans

Last night we went to Mark’s work holiday part, I know, in January after all the hub bub has died down, what a great idea, huh?

I’ve been going to functions with him for as long as he’s been married. First when he was the rank of chief, then when he was a command chief, now with him as a teacher. Some were fun, some were boring, some were fascinating with military pomp & circumstance. Last nights was just plain fun.

Mark works with a great bunch of people, some who have been my friends forever, some whom I’ve never met, despite it being a small-ish school and they hold these gatherings a couple of times a year. I think the teacher staff tends to stay the same, with one or two new ones every year or so as people retire or move away. So I think it’s mostly the support staff that changes from function to function. That’s because at a school, your support staff is assigned where they are needed. You always have that one 6th grade social studies teacher, but each year the dynamics of his class changes so he may have a para pro, or none or 3. And so not only could support staff change the classroom they’re assigned to, they might also change the school they are assigned to. This is great if you end up with an assignment that you don’t particularly care for, but a real bummer if you find your niche and something you love or someone you work really well with. It was kind of like that with military assignments; when you were stationed at a place you didn’t love, you didn’t worry about it because you would be moving in a few years, but when you lived someplace you loved, you dreaded getting those orders for your new assignment.

The holiday party last night was held at a beautiful local B&B/hunting lodge/venue for functions and get togethers. I’m an ace at taking pictures of everything, I can’t believe I didn’t take a million pictures of this gorgeous place. From the sliding gate entrance to the evergreen gnome that greeted us at the front door, to the automatic lights that come on when you open the door to the foyer, very well done. The interior is all upscale hunting lodge, every critter you can imagine stuffed mounted and on display. The food was exceptional as well. If you have an opportunity to visit 2 Hats Ranch, I would highly recommend it. Note, they do not serve alcohol, so if you’d like a drink with your dinner, bring your own.

It was a casual event and it was a “Jeans day” at school, so what I started the day with is what I wore to dinner! My favorite Old Navy Rock Star grey jeans, a super soft shorter tunic from Maurice’s and an even softer fuzzy vest from Maurice’s. When I say shorter, what I mean is I tend to think of a tunic as a shirt that covers your bum. This one is a little longer Than a regular shirt, has a rounded hem but isn’t as quite as long as a traditional tunic. Right now this is my favorite style of shirt as it’s a very flattering cut. The boots are from Muk Luk and always make me think of leg warmers from when I was in high school, that’s probably what attracted me to them! The jewelry is from Brighton, my favorite brand and I’ll tell you my Brighton Customer Service story from just this week in a big in the very near future!

Remember, health and beauty are from inside and out and I’ve got you covered for both. I’m a big proponent of Zilis UltraCell CBd oil for balance inside your body and Rodan & Fields skincare for the outside. I’m happy to answer questions either or get you started!

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