Baseball Style Sweater

It’s snowing and blowing here in Michigan, so it is definitely still sweater weather. I just commented to Mark last week when we were out doing some yard work that if this is what this winter is like (very mild all during break), I’ll take it! Apparently I spoke too soon, as it’s 17 degrees this morning and there are about 4 inches of light, fluffy snow on the ground.

I was commenting this morning on my car talk that I need to get in gear and buy my plane tickets for this winter. I know the Florida prices are pretty good right now, so I need to get my tickets for going to watch Jackson play baseball in Florida. His college team goes down there for a week and plays in this big tournament. They play 2-3 games a day in the Florida sunshine, Orlando area, over a 11 day period. It will most likely be his last year of playing collegiate ball, so I don’t want to miss it.

In honor of Jackson and his baseball career today, I’m wearing a baseball style sweater. Mark commented this morning that he really likes this black and white sweater, which was really sweet, but it’s navy and white. The sweater stripes themselves could be mistaken for black, but this navy shirt is definitely blue. He IS color blind, although not to blues/blacks usually. Interesting fact, when Mark joined the Air Force he wanted to work on aircraft but everything to do with aircraft is color coded. He had no idea going into MEPS that he was color blind, but when it came time for choosing a career he didn’t qualify to work on planes. He went an alternative route, which benefits me often and did HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and then went into leadership later on in this career. Another interesting fact, my dad was color blind and my brother is color blind. I can’t remember what colors look alike for all these guys in my world, but I find the whole thing interesting. This morning I learned there are now glasses that you can purchase that help those who are color blind to see the actual colors! I find this to be amazing.

This sweater came from Christopher and Banks. Traditionally, a lot of teachers purchased clothes from there (they do lots of ‘teacher clothes’, themed material and all those things kids like) but I think that was a trend, and we’ve gone away from that trend. I do still like their styles and the quality of their clothes.

These pants are my go to brand of ANA. I find them at JC Penney and have them in every color. They are comfortable, look professional, yet stylish and are affordable. They are pull on and slim cut. Who knew pull on pants would be a thing for even younger folks.

I’m wearing these boots (and I forgot my winter boots, as I didn’t know it was snowing) for the 3rd time this week. I love them, found them a couple of years ago, but this is the first year that I have really worn them much. They are from Merrell and have just a small (maybe and inch) block/wedge heal. Anymore heals kill my ankles, so I liked how these were made.

My necklaces and earrings are all from Brighton. I love everything Brighton makes and it tends to be Mark’s go to gift because he knows I’ll love and wear often whatever he chooses. The shorter necklace is from about 10 years ago. It’s actually reversible to some spring colors on the other side, the cross he just got me for Christmas and the earrings are some I found because they are so basic, they go with anything.

I’ll let you know when I get airline tickets for the ballgames. Maybe I can talk Mark into coming down for a few days with me!!! He doesn’t like taking time off of school, understandably, so I’ll see what I can work out!

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