Coordinate Your Jewelry

I love jewelry, just like I love shoes, and fashion, and purses….. Note the trend here….. and I have several friends who have home businesses who sell jewelry. I would love to share some of the companies with you, the business owners of these lines and some of the pieces!

Orange Coldwater Creek blazer, Cream long sleeve top by Lands End and Necklace from Parklane Jewelry

First up is are the pieces I received just last week, I’ve been watching this line and this specific piece (that is in Katie’s Hope College’s colors because you have to have a statement piece for graduation, right?) for several months now. My friend Kelly Craig is fairly new to Park Lane Jewelry, but she’s got such an eye for accessorizing (both herself and her home) so anything she gets excited about, I usually do too. The really nice thing about Park Lane Jewelry is the specials they run (ie; buy 2 get 4 at half price AND also get any piece for $25 when you’ve spent $90 AND they count the least expensive as your full price first 2). And sometimes there are specials that include shipping, and sometimes there are a group that you can choose from where the pieces are just $15). Click here to see their newest line through Kelly’s page. And just look at this fantastic navy and orange piece! They also have a monthly subscription box, either one piece or two!

Click here for Kelly’s link

Plunder is another of these super fun, super trendy jewelry lines. I actually have a couple of friends who represent this jewelry line. My friend Tania Stephen’s link is on here. And while you’re at it check out her “50 is Not Old” blog Here, if you want to stay up to date on fashion trends and have a daily giggle while you’re at it, definitely follow her blog. I look forward to seeing what’s new with her each day when I open my email and get that link. It’s like a little morning sunshine! I like some of the more edgy, trendy pieces that Plunder comes up with, and the majority of it is very affordable. This gold and pearl piece I got last year really makes a statement when I wear it, sometimes I wear the matching earrings but most of this time I like to coordinate rather than match exactly. Plunder also has a monthly subscription auto ship program called “Plunder Posse”. Again, very affordable, and what I really like is you get pieces that you might not have chosen on your own, but are so fantastic, that you find ways to showcase them.

Click here for Tania’s link

Brown Lands End pants, top from Zulily and necklace from Plunder

My friend Gloria Petropoulos-Papa, who has the most amazing positive energy I know, shares a Christian line called CB Jewelry. I love the looks of this line and the mission of this line: “created by a group of mothers and daughters looking for a way to share their faith in a beautiful and meaningful way. They partnered with their daughters and all had their own personal stories of why they were involved, but the CEO, April Nagel was the lead in starting this business because of her personal life changing story, this life changing event led her ultimately to create Christian Bling as her mission, which was to tell the world about Jesus”. The pricing is high and low, and the quality is wonderful. I love the Christian spin on all the pieces.

Click here for Gloria’s line

The last (although I’m sure there are many, many more) is a company called JBloom that my friend Johnna Kirk represents. JBloom has a lot of personalized jewelry and other items, which I love, and the quality is top notch. JBloom also has monthly auto-ship program, and in fact they have two: an Earring Extravaganza for $17 and a Bloom Box for $49. Both of which seem to be a good value for what you get. “

The short necklace is from JBloom! The sweater is from Kohl’s and the black shirt from LOGO on QVC

Click here for Johnna’s website

Jennifer, founder of JBloom, says about JBloom: Our new collection will connect with women who have different styles and different stories to tell. There’s a look for everyone—a way to mix personalization with personal style. You’ll see new ways to customize pieces, along with styles that range from monograms and pearls to boho chic, from classic design to a mix of delicate and bold. I believe starting jBloom was my purpose, a way to use my creative side and to make beautiful jewelry, a way to share my story and to give women a way to share theirs. I’m delighted that so many Designers have made jBloom part of their purpose too.

Each of these jewelry companies are wonderful in their own way. I hope you’ll take a moment to look through and see if any of them fit your style!

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