Daylight Savings Time

This is my favorite time of the year! No, I’m not talking about holidays or winter or cool weather, I’m talking about the day you turn the clocks back! I never do my clocks the night before, I wait until about my second cup of coffee ( after I’ve made sure to go to SaturdayMass so my plan can come to fruition) and then I move the time back one hour! BOOM, just like that an extra hour in the day! And what busy mom can’t appreciate an extra hour on a Sunday? Especially a Sunday with no plans, no appointments and no obligations!

Mark used the “extra hour” to get all of the outside stuff done in preparation for winter, although my southern friends probably have no idea what I’m talking about! We put away our lawn furniture and all of our outdoor dining furniture, we put plastic on the windows in our mudroom. It was originally built to be what they all a 3-season room so it’s not very well insulated , but we use it all year long. We’ve (I say that like I helped with this) moved a little duct work so it’s now heated and we wrap the windows to keep the cold out. It actually works pretty well!

We’ve really worked with that room to see what works best. For a while it was just a tile floor white wall pass through entry, then we painted and added carpet so it became a reading nook, now it’s just a really mice mudroom/dog kennel area and this seems to be the best fit.

Which are you, because I’m finding people have very strong feelings about which they are… a fall back or a spring forward? Sometimes I think that because I was raised on the west coast for the first 14 years of my life my biorhythms definitely work with that time zone better, but who knows if that’s really “ a thing”, but I’m definitely a fall back girl!

And speaking of fall, it is here with a vengeance! The high temperatures this week will be in the 30’s and I am ready for warm sweaters and mittens and scarves. It’s almost time to break out the really warm winter coat and boots. Or the warm weather booties, long pants, socks and poncho!

Two items to mention, because if you know me at all, you know I’m passionate about both….

Rodan & Fields is starting their holiday specials early this year and there are two right now… at 20% off! I firmly believe in good skincare and in the amazing community of women that have become my FRIENDS this past year. The products are second to none and the tribe is even better!

Also Zilis is gearing up to make all kinds of new and exciting announcements this month. The number of people (and animals for that matter) whose lives have been changed by bringing their endocannabinoid system into balance is overwhelming to me! I love helping people and bringing good changes to lives. In addition the leadership team and mentorship with my team has helped me to grow tremendously as a person and a woman. I am so blessed!

Contact me for information about either or both!

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