Animal Print is Everywhere

I really didn’t think I owned a large amount of animal print, but as I was looking through pics for my blog, I ran across these 3 that I wore just in the past few weeks. The funny part is, except for the printed sweater, none of these pieces are new!

I think they’re more on my mind to wear because they are so fashion forward this year. I even have print shoes, but again they’re not new, I fact they are starting to get scuffed and so I take extra good care of them so they’ll keep lasting.

I’m in my hometown of Galva Illinois as I’m writing this, I was here briefly in June for my Aunts funeral, which was a lovely walk down memory lane with my mom’s side of the family. They don’t live in Illinois anymore, so years go by between visits, which makes me so grateful for social media. I came down to do a CBD education day with some friends of mine here and then learned the added bonus that my Kansas City Aunt, Uncle & cousin are here visiting as well. So I get to see my friends AND my family. That always makes my heart overflow!

I haven’t been home during a weekend in several weeks and my house is starting to show it. My house is clean, and picked up, but lots of piles everywhere and although clothes are clean and folded, the pile in the laundry basket is getting high, and there Star a lot of things that need organized, filed and taken care of. Plus I’m 98% done with my office downstairs and would really like to finish that so I can get to working in there.

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