Morning or Night?

I am the type of person who jumps into her morning with both feet! I usually have multiple loads of laundry and the dishes done before anyone is even up on a weekend. By the time dinner is done though, so am I! Maybe it’s because my most productive time is always during the first part of the day, or maybe it’s how I was raised, but once dinner is done and/or it gets dark, I’m done for the day. I don’t mean I necessarily go to bed, although sometimes I do and read or watch TV, I just mean I’m sitting, relaxing, and done being productive!

On the other hand, Mark has a habit of starting projects at 7 or 8 o’clock at night. He’s very productive at that time of the day! He mows the lawn, does construction, puts in window screens, paints walls, does lesson plans, emails and all the rest whenIm ready to go to bed. Not every night and not all the time, but often enough that I know that’s his most productive time.

Isn’t it interesting how different we all are? How different our strengths and weaknesses are, and yet each of us successful in our own ways and at our own tasks.

Don’t you just love this leopard print top? It’s actually a tank top I found at JC Penny’s. It was very affordable and just the way to add color to black!

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