Fall is Here

I finally made the time to get out my Fall decorations, at least the few of them that I want up this year. I try to keep it manageable (as in amount of time to put out and take down) by keeping it pretty simple.

I like to have my front porch decorated with a few pumpkins and mums. Easy enough to discard when the season is over.

I don’t have a mantle any longer, so I use my entry table to display my much loved pumpkins. And of course all of the kitchen towels and dishrags and drainer towels get changed to the festive fall ones. The dining room table gets some fun table runners and tablecloths.

My wardrobe gets a boost as well, out come the orange, the brown and all the other fall colors. I’m pretty’s sure most of them fall into my “color wheel”. That’s a term from my high school and college years, there used to be these charts that showed you what colors looked good on you. Emerald green, deep purple, royal blue, those kinds of jewel tones were on my list. I can’t remember what company it was that did those, or why, I just remember being asked “have you had your colors done?”

This top I’ve had for years, I’m not even sure where I found it. There’s not even a tag on it anymore. I only wear it a few times in the fall, so it will probably last forever! These pull on straight leg pants are by Dana Buchman and are my favorite work pants. I have them in several colors. They’re on sale st Kohl’s right now!

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