Mommy Guilt

When will it end? Where does it come from? Is it just something we heap upon ourselves? Do others judge us?

So many questions! I have a young friend who’s a new mommy. She’s breastfeeding her now 3 month old and working full time, so she finds quite, private places to pump while her baby is at day care, trying to keep up with the never ending hunger of a growing 3 month old boy. And as happens with many of us, demand and supply are not equal. So we had a long conversation today about why she’s so hesitant to introduce formula to supplement. Mostly she talked about is it right? Is it wrong?

Here’s the thing….. and of course this is just my opinion…. as long as your talking with your doctor, it’s really no one else’s business! You love your child, that’s evident. And you just want what’s best for them. So whatever choices we make, whether it is breastfeeding, formula, daycare, stay at home, preschool, the list can go on and on, just please remind yourself that you are just doing the very best you can and making the very best choices for your child. Our guilt is really just our own, it’s from whatever we’ve heard or read or whatever “perfect” image we have in our mind of how we should be. And I think the guilt comes from ourself when we don’t feel like we are live my up to that perfection.

I say pish-posh, there is no such thing as perfect. Do the best you can with love in your heart, and to heck with the rest. Be proud of what you ARE doing, not feeling guilty for what you’re not. Love your kids with all your heart, that really all that matters!

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