King Size Bed

Mark & I have always had a queen size bed, it works great, there’s plenty of room for both of us. Occasionally when we’ve stayed in a hotel room with a king size bed, it was a nice treat, but it seems like Mark is miles away. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer that SLEEPING is not a group activity and I enjoy having all kinds of room to spread out, but it has never been a necessity….. Enter Hank…,

From the time he was a small puppy, Hank has to be touching someone or another dog at all times. When he lies down he has to be lying next to Chief, some part of his body touching him. When he sits, he wants to be on a lap, and most of all he doesn’t like to sleep alone. We started out trying to get him to sleep in a kennel, he whined and cried all night, every night. So we let home out, and the only place he would sleep well was right between Mark and I. This was fine when he was 20 pounds, or 30 pounds, but now this guy is 95 pounds, and while he is very good at curling in a ball at the end of the bed, quite often he wants to snuggle between us. He’s the size of a small human, taller than some! Plus he loves to snuggle his head in Marks shoulder. Kind of hard to sleep with a big head and snout on your head.

So now I’m thinking, king size bed. I know it seems ridiculous to altar our bedroom furniture for a dog, but this is a dog who had cancer as a baby, a dog who has great exuberance for life and loves with great gusto. Plus I do enjoy sprawling out!

Stay tuned we’ll see what happens!

On a different note , I did a collage of a fun outfit I wore today. Black & white patterned pants (purchased last year from Meijer) and a short sleeve black top from LOGO, which I usually find on QVC. This designer usually has fun flouncy hems and is super soft and comfortable. I tried a while long cardigan and a black boyfriend blazer. I went with the white sweater, but truth be told, as Michigan fall days usually do, it warmed up and I just needed the short sleeve.

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