I love reading blogs, I’ve got some favorites and I love finding new ones. Some of my very good friends write blogs and I’ve gained new friends by reading their blogs. I love that most of them are not like reading long news articles or dissertations, they’re easy reads, usually with pictures! I like fashion blogs, travel blogs, mom blogs, you name it!

Here are a few of my favorites…. Click here My friend Melissa does a fantastic job of sharing what’s in style, what’s on trend and what’s available from Target, Amazon, Old Navy and the big Nordstrom’s sale. And of course as you can tell leopard and animal print play a big part of her style! She’s the mom of young boys, so that threads in as well. Click here. My friend Kate shares some of the unique challenges of being a politicians wife, along with how she faces those challenges head on, with the super power of going from glistening in workout gear to glamorous in the blink of an eye!

Kate has also partnered with a couple of her friends to write Click here. Entrepreneurship, lifestyle, wellness and self improvement. These ladies hit on all kinds of issues and they are worth the read daily!

My friend Tania at Click here is not only a blogger, she’s an influencer with tens of thousands of followers. If you ever need to know what to wear when, she’s your gal! Her blog is one good story after another, you’ll know all about her husband, the lumber yard and her grand kids real quick!

I hope you enjoy getting to know my friends!

And speaking of fashion, I found this great print top at Chico’s and paired it with black jeans, you know how I love those Old Navy Rick Stars. These boots though!!!! Merrill put these out last year and I’m in love!

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