Christmas is coming

Christmas is less than three months away, can you believe it? Less than 90 days! Each year as the kids get older, now in their 20’s, I struggle with which traditions to continue, which ones to graduate from.

I love our holiday traditions. Some are inherited from my parents and grand parents, some are inherited from the kids’ other grandparents and we’ve just made up along the way.

On Christmas Eve we always get new pajamas. All wrapped up in nice Christmas wrap. Some years there are slipper in with them, some years DVDs and some years books. I love pajamas, this is one of my favorite traditions, but Mark wears the same ones over and over and really doesn’t need another pair. Katie loves them like me and I think Jackson could go either way. So Do I continue this one or move on from it?

In the past we always went to 5:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass with about 750 other St Marys members in a church that holds 700. The year before last we started two new traditions on Christmas Eve. Going to dinner at a restaurant with our kids other family members and going to 10:00 pm Mass. It was such a great change and transition from when the kids were little to when they became young adults. I’m hoping this one continues.

I’ve wanted to start spending Christmas someplace warm, but I don’t usually get buy in from the family immediate or extended. Being in education, we usually have two full weeks off of school. And for the next few years at least our kids will be on school break as well. Quite honestly, we’re usually pretty exhausted by the end of December and we end up eating a lot of comfort food (tator tot casserole, homemade pot pie, etc) popping homemade popcorn (Mark makes the best), playing endless round of card games (an ongoing rummy game, uno and skipbo) and board games (sequence and rummicube) and just being family. And I LOVE every minute of that!

What are your traditions? What do you love to do, and what tradition are you ready to get rid of?I’m still loving this new lighting I found! Check out this fantastic “snakeskin” print shirt. I found it at the BX at Offutt AFB this summer. I usually try to stay away from anything that accentuates my mid section, but I really do love the way this shirt fits!

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