Perspective, it’s been swirling around my mind a lot lately, in so many different ways! By definition: “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

I was listening to a friend talk about it being the end of the year, the last quarter of the business year, and I realized that in my world, because both Mark and I are in education and because for so many years so much of our lives revolves around our kids’ sporting schedules this is the first quarter of “our year”. The beginning for us is the ending for others… perspective….

Think about this: when I was a teenager, I thought my parents were ANCIENT! Now that I’m that age (and then some) I certainly don’t feel, act or look ancient…. perspective…..

When you’re looking down at a traffic jam in Los Angeles from a news helicopter it looks absolutely horrendous and impossible. When you’re actually driving in it, and you just look around your actual vehicle, you only pay attention to the 10 or so cars directly around you…. perspective….

Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty?….. perspective….,

Every morning I take pictures in the same place to put on my blog. Today I went into the other room, the lighting was fantastic! It was a different perspective. Just look at the difference!

Look at the lighting!!!! And these navy print pants from TJ Maxx are so super cool and comfy with their stretchiness and pull on style. The burgundy color screams fall, but in a it’s a 75° out, hence the navy Birkenstock’s!

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