Fall Colors

Each season has its own colors. Think about it, spring is Easter and spring break and bulb flowers. Pastel colors are the feeling of spring. White, Navy, yellow, all those sharp sun shiny colors scream summer. Winter means Christmas, Valentine’s Day and snowy, dreary days. Red, black and cream mean winter to me.

Right now it’s Autumn, Fall, harvest time, also know as Indian Summer. The nights are turning cool so bonfires are starting, pumpkin spice is prevalent at Starbucks, mums, and jack o’lanterns adorn front porches. And the colors in wardrobes are jewel tones, warm and rich.

I watched this mustard color for the last two years, and as it doesn’t look that great with my skin tone, I finally decided to break down and buy pants in this color. If you can believe it, these beauties came from Wal-Mart. For $14.96! There were about 5 different colors. The material is stretchy and comfortable and looks very professional and sharp. I highly recommend in every color!

The top is from Marshall’s, I always tend to find very unique pieces at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, things I wouldn’t necessarily find in the normal stores I shop in.

The shoes came from one of those online shoe shops. Quite honestly, I think they looked better online than in person but I bought the pants and then couldn’t figure out shoes to wear!

This week the weather is going to be very warm Monday and Tuesday and then dip by 20-25 degrees the rest of the week, I’ll get to go through my warm fall clothes and my cool fall clothes… so stay tuned!

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