Human Kind

I saw a graphic t-shirt tonight on my friend Angela’s clothing store page, it said “Human kind, let’s be both”. Open here Is there a more fitting statement that we should all follow as we head into another political season? And it needs to apply to everyone. Before we’re Democrats or Republicans or Liberal or Conservatives aren’t we humans? And wouldn’t the world be a much better place to exist in if we were just kind to one another?

No political rants here, just a heartfelt request to be civil in this upcoming season. Be nice to your neighbors, listen to understand not to argue, don’t hate, we don’t have to agree-you KNOW you’re not going to agree with everyone- just kindly agree to disagree. Do you really think that Facebook post pointing fingers and name calling will change anyone’s mind? Of course not. So let’s just agree to disagree.

That being said, let’s talk SUMMER IS OVER, boo hoo. I’m very sad about that, but the humidity here in Michigan is holding on strong, and the 135 year old building I work in holds onto that humidity like all old buildings do. So it was sleeveless and linen today.

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