Am I Being Tested?

Good grief friends, what a week. The phone rang Thursday morning at 4 am. Now you know as well as I do, a 4 am call is not EVER going to be a good thing. In my mind I thought this is either Katie, Jackson or Marks Mom. Mark answered the phone, it was Jackson. He was on his way to the ER. He had been sick the day before, but thought it was just a bug or food poisoning. It continued to get worse and he had severe stabbing pain in his side. So off he went.

He goes to school almost 2 hours away, so I had him stay in contact with me while I got things arranged over here so I could head over there for a few days with him.

Sure enough, he had a “hot”appendix that needed to come out. By the time I got over to the hospital, he had gone into surgery. I had just missed him going in by about 10 minutes.

So I patiently, or impatiently if truth be told, waited in the surgical waiting room with 30 of my new best friends. By the time Jackson was out of surgery, a nurse or doctor had come out about 20 times, announced a patients first name and then sat with the family to update them. I have to admit, I was caught off guard when one game out and said “Margarita”. I honestly heard that and said “yes please” in my head! Then I realized no one was offering me a cocktail, a patients name was Margarita!

After an hour and a half in surgery, Jackson was out and I was with him in recovery. He did well, the doctor said he could be back in school early in the week, although no baseball or work for 4-6 weeks. We are. feeling very blessed that he’s okay.

But I have to wonder what in the world is the Lord trying to tell us? 2019 has been a year of Jackson with Mono, our puppy with cancer, our 60 year old maple tree dying and having to be removed, Katie with kidney stones, now this…. surely somewhere in there is a message or something the good Lord is trying to convey to us. Sadly, I’m kind of obtuse when it comes to understanding signs and symbols and hints and suggestions. I pretty much need things spelled out and sometimes explained.

I have joined a bible study, it starts Monday, I’m hoping to open up more of my and understand more of my spiritual side. I love being a Catholic, love the reverence and the rituals but Catholics don’t always sig deep in scripture like some Protestant faiths die, and I’m hoping for more of that. Maybe something with this 2019 will come clear!

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