Being Intentional

So here I am after another week away from blogging. My apologies friends, I was “being intentional”. Seems to be a good buzz word doesn’t it? What does it even mean “being intentional?”

Well I’m so glad you asked! This was one of those weeks, there’s another term thrown around! This is what this past week entailed: Open House for a new school year, returning to work after being off all summer, first day of school, my husband returning to work after being off all summer, my sons first day of his 2nd year at college, my daughter moving back to school after spending the summer working at home and starting her senior year of college, resuming Taco Tuesday’s… you get the picture… So what does being intentional have to do with all of that?

To me being intentional is equivalent to being present. I mean really being present. After God, my family comes first, always! That doesn’t mean I coddle or enable (because I work very hard to NOT do that, it means that when someone in my family (and for me family includes closest of friends as well) needs something, they have my full attention! Not my “I’m staring at my phone, what did you say” attention, not my “nobody talk to me I’m writing my blog” attention, not my “hold on I’m scrubbing the bathtub” attention, my FULL attention. If you deal with me at all at school while I’m behind my desk, you’ll see me set down my pen, fold my hand and look you in the eye. THAT kind of full attention!

I don’t make money off of my blog, I don’t do affiliates, I don’t even get freebies to try, I blog because I want to share the good! I see things, hear things, up investigate things and want to share! I love clothing and fashions and want to share that! I love traveling and want to share that! I love finding or being introduced to a product that I don’t want to be without or my home to be without and want to share!

I firmly believe that women are strong and courageous and we NEED to support each other! Fix each other’s crowns, not knock them off, we are stronger together than we ever would be alone, let’s build upon that! We all face similar challenges; marriage, kids, careers, pregnancy, menopause, day care, college, etc…. let’s learn from each other and lean on each other!!

So back to intentional…. I focused on making sure everything was ready for the new school year to begin at work. I helped my daughter get everything together for her move in, new semester, enjoying the short time left with her as a dependent, working on getting my house back in we’re both working mode… that’s a tough shift right there! Focused on helping my son strategize for work, school, managing an apartment and college baseball. He’s pretty independent, but that’s juggling a lot.

So thanks for your patience. Until the next wave of crazy pops up, stay tuned for daily ponderings!!!

And here is my Lilly Pulitzer skirt I got at the lovely boutique in the Water Color Area of 30a in Florida! Worn a couple of different ways, I should try it with a lighter top as well!

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