Kidney Stones

What a week it’s been! Katie and I were having a lovely, low-key Girls vacation with some dear friends in The Destin, Florida area when she rapidly developed a severe long term pain in her side/abdomen. After deciding that there was no way she would be able to go through the night with this much pain, we headed into the Air Force Base to the emergency room.

It was Friday night about 6:30 pm. The day shifts folks had all went home, the base was pretty quiet and we were the only ones in the ER. They were very kind and efficient and yet professional. It must’ve been obvious that this was real pain, because no one patronized her or suggested her pain was anything but real. The nurse who initially took her vitals and put in her IV was about my age, with a kind, caring personality. She sounded like she was from Germany originally. She had a slight accent, a wickedly trendy blonde short haircut, black tee shirt with the squadron logo and black cargo pants (her uniform I’m sure).

I was so glad I had the foresight to change out of my tank top before we headed to the ER. It was a warm Florida evening, probably 85° and although maybe only as low as 72° inside the building, it felt very cold after spending the afternoon on the beach in the hot sun. We shivered under her blanket for 2 hours while they did testing, a ct scan, and waited for results. We were greatly amused at what we discovered was the result of budget cuts in the military when we flipped open the blanket and discovered holes in it.

The results were in, kidney stones it was and there were 3 of them. One big one that was sitting low and ready to pass and two smaller ones. Bulldog, the doctor delivered that news. He definitely got that moniker naturally. He was built just like a bulldog, had a large booming voice (Katie said it made her eyes water), a flat top buzz cut and had a strong, almost fierce way of delivering information. His diagnosis was kidney stones. His treatment, along with a few pain pills and lots of fluids was to take hot baths for the pain (it really does work) and to try jumping up and down to move things along (not so sure about this one). Ironically we had just done a long walk/run that morning which may have moved it down to where it was hurting so much!

The good news is that it only took a day or so for this stone to pass. Katie will go to kidney doctor and get some medicine that helps her not form these anymore. We sadly did end our trip abruptly, being home when you’re not feeling well is the best place to be. But it was a wonderful, relaxing way to spend a week before the school year kicks off.

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