4 Best Quotes of the Day

While Katie and I were poking around 30a yesterday, we stopped in this wonderful little store in Seaside called “The Art of Simple Co.”. Absolutely wonderful store with pottery and dishes and artwork and tee shirts. My favorite part was running across these what I call “make up bags” with fantastic quotes on them. I belly laughed at these:

You all have seen someone like this! Think George Hamilton from the 1980’s, where you just grimace because they went past the ‘looks good’ point.

Don’t we all know someone like this? Living in their own little reality? Could be me, I like my rose colored glasses and my glass half full attitude!

Oh my….. I’m a “Libra”, so do you know how often this happens to me??? Good grief, don’t take me down the cheese aisle at the grocery store… block, sliced, shredded, cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack…. etc, etc….

Okay, this is totally inappropriate and kind of mean, but it really, really made me laugh. I think it was the inappropriateness of it that tickled me so much. That and how often do we all feel like this??!!!

Suffice it to say I didn’t purchase any of these bags, we did get a poster and a t-shirt instead, but we sure did enjoy this store and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Seaside.

We ended about afternoon with a couple of hours on the beach, had my LP cooler along to keep my water cold. Grayton Beach State Park for the win today. What a beautiful setting and not crowded by any means. Bathhouse, outdoor showers, easy parking, not too many steps to the beach… if you’re in the area this is a good choice!

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