10 Things You Need Around The House

Now when I say “10 things you need around the house” I don’t mean NEED like water or insulin or oxygen. I mean need as in “makes my life better or easier.”

1). The Keurig coffee maker. I know, I know, the plastic pods aren’t good for the environment, look close- there is the refillable pod I use! It’s quick, always fresh and I like the taste because I think the water is hotter when I brew it.

2). The air fryer…. literally I use this almost every day. I cook meat (all kinds: brats to chicken to pork chops), potatoes, vegetables, reheat left overs, frozen snack foods. ALL of it.

3) Poo-pourri …. if you’ve ever traveled with your family and all stayed in the same hotel room….. the same freshness occurs in your own home bathroom… ‘nuf said except one of the greatest inventions EVER!

4)L’Occtaine Shower Oil. Brilliant, Cleans and softens all in one! Smells lovely and really does make your skin soft.

5) Airborne: made by teachers used by teachers, and anyone who travels, or touches a grocery cart… I don’t know what’s worse enclosed airplanes or elementary school classrooms… either way, this helps ward off the cooties.

5) portable cell phone chargers… speaking from someone who works on her phone all day long… this is a must have… or two… now if I could find my second one.

6) Rodan & Fields skincare. When even Mark Brejcha notices a difference, it MUST be REALLY working well. Now if I could just get him to be consistent with his, he could keep his Rosacea under control. Every time he starts using it he says with enthusiasm “here, take my picture, I’ll be your poster boy”.., then after 4-5 days he gets distracted and goes back to using bar soap in the shower, good grief!

7) Alexa! She plays my music, gives me the weather, gives me the news highlights, reads me books, answers sports trivia questions gives me the box scores…. one thing she doesn’t do is answer to the name ” Alexis” , just ask Mark . LOL

8) Command Hooks. How brilliant are these. You can put stuff up on the walls without ruining the paint or putting holes in the walls. Dormitory managers and Landlords everywhere rejoice, along with parents of teenagers.

9) Norwex cloths. Makes cleaning EVERYTHING so much easier. My glasses never have streaks, the TV, the furniture, the counters. These are brilliant in their simplicity and ease.

10) CBD Oil, UltraCell specifically. Talk about something that just “tunes into your body” as it tunes it up! And I don’t have any of the issues some others have that get even more benefit from it. So excited about all that this little bottle can do!

Send me a message if you need to know where to get any of these products!!

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