In going through all this doggy cancer business with Hank, one of the things that has caught my attention is CBD oil. I really need to get out my magnifying glass and. do some FBI level research on this. Both for four legged friends and the rest of my 2 legged friends. I’m hearing more and more about the benefits, but don’t know how to verify these claims … yet…

A couple of things that are on my research list:

If CBD oil is made from Hemp not Cannabis, why are there potential traces of THC in it? And when I say trace, I mean trace, the percentage was really, really small, but how does that affect military members or jobs where you’re drug tested (airline pilots, surgeons, factory workers)?

How do find out where your Hemp that the CBD came from was grown? Because if it is grown in soil that has any chemicals in it, it will soak up those chemicals like a sponge.

I know that the Farm Bill of 2018 made Hemp a legal crop, but I need to expand upon that knowledge.

What I’ve found interesting when investigating CBD for pets is that veterinarians cannot discuss CBD with you. AT ALL. My next step is to talk with a holistic practicer but I’ve not yet done so. Big pharm at work here??? Not sure…

I think that WHERE you get your CBD oil is very important, just like essential oils and other natural products. No offense to our local movie store, but I have to wonder about buying my CBD oil there or at the gas station, next to the gum on the counter. I’m really looking at a company called Zilis, so far all that I’m finding is positive information.

And is there a stigma attached if you purchase, use or sell CBD oil? Curious about that as well.

Is anyone an expert on this? Or have more knowledge than me? I’d love to hear your opinions!!!

Again, as it’s summer, I rarely have on anything other than workout clothes and swimsuit coverups. Makes the fashion blogging thing hard. But… see how different this tank looks with different shirts. I like the red a lot more! I’m drawn to anchors a lot, they are the symbol of my daughter’s college. Red shorts from JC Penney- Liz Clairborne, khaki shirts from Lands End, and the top cake from Bealls outlet in Destin Florida! Throw on some Vionic flip flops for the win!

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