Fitness for Life

You know I always share the good….. and share amazing things that I find… so if you’re looking to start a workout plan, get back to a workout plan or if you’re in a slump and need some guidance, check out one of my “other kid’s” totally portable programs. It’s a 12 week program, tailored to your skill level at an affordable price. Seriously folks, where else can you get a personal trainer for this price for 3 months?!!

Facebook page: Buckingham Fitness, website: Click here

Tyler is a former high school and college athlete who is now a certified personal trainer and an amazing actor/stunt man (you’ve probably seen him in shows like Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead.)

He is our “best neighbors ever” son and over the years I have trusted him with my kids, my dogs, my house, and now my fitness! If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll see him in our Taco Tuesday’s pictures and our Christmas pictures. He’s one of the family and an amazingly impressive young man. (runs in the family, his brother is a world renowned triathalon competitor and a Dr. in exercise physiology who works with high endurance athletes… and, well, if you know his parents….).

He lives in Atlanta, so we don’t get to see him very often, but it’s so wonderful when we do! He was home yesterday for a short while so we got to see him and his lovely young lady. My heart is always so full when I get to see these young people doing great things and being successful!

How about this patriotic dress? I wore it to Washington DC a few years ago, so no link to buy it now, but the tank and slit make it great in warm weather. I buy these little Jockey ‘slipshorts’ Click here they call them. And I can walk for hours! Many of you will understand the need for shorts under a dress, a few lucky ones won’t get it at all!

And check out these nails!!! Still growing out from having the “dip procedure”. Which as I’ve said before are fantastic when you haven them on, but wreak havoc for weeks and weeks afterwards. The Color Street brand are simple to put on, last a good 5 -7 days, with some care (gloves when you do dishes and don’t use your nails as tools), and are really pretty affordable! Made in the USA – BONUS!! I literally put these on 5 minutes before we were walking next door!

July is a really big month for Rodan and Fields consultants, if you are ever considering joining my team, now is the time! Great bonuses, great programs, amazing products!

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