Small World

My husband is amazing! Seriously, he is nothing short of amazing. During his first career he was in the US Air Force, and towards the end of his career he reached the highest rank of Chief, and then the highest within that of Command Chief. He loved his Air Force, he loved his commanders and he loved his troops. It was a perfect fit for him, so when he retired 9 years ago, the big question was, what is he going to do.

He decided to become a teacher, went back to college to get his teaching certificate and became a teacher. His first year of teaching he taught a 9th grade class. World History, I think, but the next year when a position came open at the local middle school, he jumped in with both feet and has loved every minute of that as well. His first principal used to say he had found his like-kind. Mark always says “I just speak sixth grader very well”. They love him and he loves being their teacher.

Whenever we’re out and about in town, his students and former students seek him out to say hello, you can always hear “Mr. Brejcha, Mr. Brejcha”….

A few years ago he planned an opening day of school flag raising, national anthem singing ceremony. This ceremony got national attention when a Fox News reporter got wind of it and wrote a story about it. That was great PR for the school and our town. Now here is the “small world”, ironic part. A few weeks later that same reporter did a story on the commercial that the “Food City” grocery store, where the young troop comes home to the BBQ and his cab is met by his grandfather in uniform and they each salute… it’s a tear jerker, heartwarming, all those things….

Here is the small world part… that young troop IS OUR NEIGHBOR, who has moved to Atlanta to pursue his acting career, and when he was home just before filming this commercial, had Mark teach him to salute…. What are the odds of that? Neighbors in a small town written about by a big time, big station reporter within a few weeks of one another and the reporter had no clue!!

On another hand, because I actually got out of a swimsuit and workout clothes tonight: check out this adorable checkered shirt I threw in for the 4th of July game we went to on the 3rd of July (the holiday week). Red and Navy for 4th of July and because they are our high school colors! ( JC Penney)

Love the length of these shorts too, I have many that are longer as well but I think this length is the most flattering! (Also JC Penney).

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