Hank’s at His Follow-up

Katie asked me the other day, why do we have the dogs that always bark at other dogs in the vets office? I didn’t have an answer for her. Somehow it seems all the other dogs just mind their own business and our dogs are fussing and barking and trying to get to other dogs, UGH! Of course the first thing out of Marks mouth was “have you met their owners”? I have no idea what he’s talking about, the Brejcha’s are quiet and reserved and you can almost never hear them….. said with great sarcasm…..

Were here at The Blue Pearl Pet Hospital, Hank is here for his post-op follow up and to get those stitches out. Normally they would do one at 2 weeks, but we decided to go to Omaha to the college baseball World Series because they said a 3 week checkup was no problem at all, as long as he was doing well… as you can see he’s doing really well. Although sometimes he looks more like a hound dog than a lab!

The pathology report already came back and it showed all clear margins. If you know anything about cancer, you know that is a very good sign! Today we need to find out when we can throw the ball, when we can wrestle with Chief, when he can have his “woobie” (rope) back. He loves his woobie.

His amazing oncologist said 2-3 more weeks and his mouth should be healed enough to be back to normal play. She did say that they don’t recommend tennis balls for dogs because they’re rough on their teeth, like a file, who knew?

Thanks everyone for all of your prayers and kind words, he’s doing great and I’m so thankful!

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