Summer Styles

Trying to find some pictures to post in summer is proving hard. I wear gym clothes (and not cute, stylish, “I’m adorable” gym clothes) I’m a t-shirt and spandex shorts kind of work out girl with no makeup, ponytail or bun and you’re lucky I brushed my teeth! But I do go to church every week so I’ve got a couple of pictures from when I poured out the pool in time to grab a shower and hurry to Mass Saturday night. With the new kimono I just bought at the “Mod Podge” boutique in St Joseph. I’m loving these t-shirt dresses this year. I’ve got all kinds of colors and the kimonos really help make them even more versatile.

I’ve been trying to come up with a routine for the summer months, there is a lot I am trying to do in a day: leisurely morning coffee, workout, get household projects complete, pool time, work my R+ F business…. whew, that’s a lot! The pool is only open 1-5 (well, there is water aerobics from 5-6, I may hit that some days), so I figure if I work out and then do a couple hours of chores in the morning, I can relax by the pool in the afternoon and do some R + F there, and later as well! There, got it all worked out!

I will say, that is one thing I love about Rodan and Fields, I can work whenever and where ever I want or need to! This spring when I was in Florida, I worked from the airport, I worked on the plane, I worked by the pool, I worked on the beach…. it was amazing. But don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between choosing where to conduct your work and not being able to get away from work! I was choosing where to work and loving it!

I’m looking to build my team, and it is amazing to me the diversity of women who are a part of this R + F tribe: older/retired, middle age empty nesters, stay at home mom’s with young kids, and college kids! College girls especially LOVE lash boost, and some have acne, and some just understand good skin care. These college ladies are rockin’ this business, reducing loan amounts needed and setting them selves up for income even before their college prepped career starts! And sometimes this becomes their career!

The next couple of weeks I’m going to have wine Wednesday’s, just pop in, grab a drink & snack and visit and check out Rodan and Fields products. I’m just here to help! Have skin questions or problems? I have answers! Need more money, more time or you enjoy helping people? Join my team! No pressure here, you can just stop over to say “hey” and see how Hank is doing!

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