The Pool

We have been coming to this pool for almost 20 years! As long as I’ve worked in the school system and had summers off, this is where the kids and I hang out every afternoon. It’s about 10 blocks from my house, cost just a little over $100 for all five of us to have a pool pass for open swim, lap swim AND water aerobics. Seriously for that price, I couldn’t even buy the chemicals to clean my own pool! My kids always got to play with their friends all afternoon long, get fresh air and exercise and lots of vitamin D, which is sorely lacking many months of the year in Michigan!

Last month I pulled out the swimsuit I bought last summer (well, one of them) and I was so disappointed to discover the top had faded horribly! It was a beautiful blue & white print from Lands End. The bottoms were just fine, but the top looked awful. I love Lands End suits, the quality, the styles, everything about them and I’ve never had this happen before. One thing I know about Lands End though is that their customer service is outstanding and their products are guaranteed, so I boxed it up with an explanation and all of my information and sure enough, about 2 weeks later I received a phone call from Lands End wanting me to know that although they didn’t have this particular suit any longer, they would be happy to issue me a credit so I could choose a new top.

Someone just the other day said to me, I can’t go to the pool anymore, I don’t have any kids at home. What in the tarnation? Not only do I come here even without my kids, as I look around this pool there are probably 4 or 5 other grandmother age ladies (my age grandmother, not little old ladies-although alive seen them as well) sitting in Their lounge chairs, reading their novels, enjoying the beautiful that is summer in Michigan! I find that the older I get, the more confident and comfortable I get with myself. And that includes sitting beside a pool all by myself!

What’s really great, is I can work while I’m sitting here! I can blog, I can work my Rodan + Fields business, I can do all of that! I’m planning events right now, maybe you’ll want to stop by!

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