The Good Doc

Jackson called me from college the other day and asked when his pediatrician would have an opening, he needed to go see her about something. I double checked and she now has walk-in hours from 8 to 9 am. I told Mark about it and he just shook his head and said “how long can he continue to see his pediatrician?” Well I guess until she kicks him out? I asked Jackson if he wanted to find a doctor over on his side of the state. He goes to school two hours east of us on the right banks of Michigan. He was quite adamant with the “NO”. He explained that when he had strep throat/mono last winter, the walk in clinic totally misdiagnosed him at first and in addition, gave him the wrong medicine the first time. He flat out said he doesn’t trust anyone but his Dr. R. OH GREAT, he’s going to be a 64 year old still wanting to go to his pediatrician. LOL.

But if you think about it, back in the olden days (pre-1980??), you had family doctors who pretty much treated you and took care of you from the day you were born until the day they retired. This was a great system. Your doctor knew everything about your health and wellness, knew all of your illnesses and accidents. If it was a smaller town, they treated your whole family as well and knew everything about you all.

Don’t mind the hotel messy behind me!

I’m sure when he’s done with college and finds his ‘home’, we’ll convince him to find his own local doctor, it will be more convenient and more practical. His pediatrician is absolutely amazing though and we couldn’t ask for a better physician for the children in our community, both in knowledge and caring. We’re also blessed in that she is our neighbor and our friend. Her parents were also our neighbors and our friends and it was heartbreaking when they passed, one and then the other. They were lovely, kind, intelligent, beautiful people. Our neighborhood misses their smiling faces!

Speaking of our neighborhood, it’s almost time for us to head home. We were originally going to head home today, games are over and it’s time to leave Omaha. But Mark he’d like to see the Walter Cronkite museum in St. Joseph, Missouri. As we really don’t have any plans or commitments in Michigan until August 3rd…… sure why not. This is what I would like some of our retirement to look like. The flexibility to travel and just ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ if we want to. Just wander around America and check things out. One time on our jaunt back and forth to Destin, Florida Mark commented that he’d like to make more stops as we go to and from our destination…. his words “There is a great big America out there with lots to see and I’m missing it”. Ya gotta love this man.

How about this wall paper??

Yesterday at the ballpark it was HOT, sticky, sweaty, humid, HOT. So I had to back away from the t-shirts and go with a sleeveless. It was still blue, I just couldn’t do sleeves yesterday. Zulily for this one and Lands End White shorts, a size too big…. haven’t repacked them yet but I love this fit and length and quality so I keep wearing them. The shirt may be a size too big as week, it’s pretty Foley but I don’t want it tight on my neck, so I’ll stick with it. Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about what to see and do in Omaha….. who knew there was SO MUCH!

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