Tube Tops and Rompers

While we’re here in Omaha for the College World Series, I have kept my eye out for what everyone is wearing. Most are wearing shorts (it gets pretty hot and humid here) and some t-shirt from either the team they support or from the CWS (tee shirt sales are a big business here). In fact because I don’t work in the summer, my wardrobe for most of the summer is some form of t-shirt or tank top and shorts. Which means if I want to do some fashion blogging, I’d better get some pictures taken, like a wardrobe change photo session, because no one cares which t-shirt or work out shorts I’m wearing today. But back to here…. I saw several tube tops in the stand last night. They were on young ladies, we of a certain age who wore them in the 80’s remember that you are very VULNERABLE in tube tops. And young men like to tease young ladies… if you get my drift. So with that knowledge, along with what they look like, the tube top is out of the wardrobe for good.

On to rompers. I’ve talked about rompers before. Certain styles are super cute, can be slimming, look very polished, HOWEVER, if you ever while wearing one have to use the restroom…. UGH! What a rig-a-marole that it. There is no separation between top and bottom. The whole darn thing has to come down. As a women over 50, who has bore children, NO THANK YOU. Again, on some they look fantastic, but on a baseball mom, who occasionally has to use porta-a-potties, good heavens NO.

So I saw tube tops and rompers tonight. I also saw what I believe will take the t-shirt of the week award. When Mark and I go places where there will be a lot of people wearing t-shirts (our Mecosta County Fair is a good one for this), we make up a contest and the most outrageous t-shirt gets the ‘trophy’. There really is no trophy, but we sure have fun reading and being amused by all the t-shirts. So far this week’s trophy goes to a gentlemen in front of us at the ball game, and I did find out that this is an actual event here in Nebraska. Which struck me as very funny since our puppy Hank is just reaching doggy puberty, if you get what that means in male doggy world, and he is just fascinated with himself, and we just laugh and laugh at his antics.

The most outrageous of the night was not inside the ballpark but in the big tented/festive area around the park, a young lady, quite honestly I never saw her face, in thong bikini and a mesh (very mesh with big holes) just walking all over downtown. Now I’m a beach girl, I see bathing suits all the time, ON THE BEACH, and shorts on young ladies right now are short, but that’s the style. HOWEVER, in a city, walking around the downtown, it just seemed inappropriate. I think we should ask ourselves before making bold fashion statements, would my grandmother be okay with me wearing this out and about? Maybe I’m just an old fuddy-duddy, maybe some grandmothers would be perfectly okay with this. This is just my opinion, I’m sure some will not agree. That’s okay, that’s kind of what we’re all about here in America, having differing opinions. Now if we can all learn to respect that idea, and not condemn and criticize for having differing opinions, I think the world would just be a much more enjoyable place. Mark and I have talked about this quite a bit, because we are both the type that avoid drama. His famous line is “there is enough natural drama in life, why would people want to manufacture drama”. But some people do, and some people enjoy it and some people thrive on it. I’m one who believes if everyone would just be kind, the world would be oh so much better. I have opinions and you have opinions and they might not be the same opinions. That’s okay. We can listen to one another, and be respectful of one another, we don’t have to ‘change sides’ or change our opinions, but wouldn’t it be better to have respect than all the hate we see now?

Whew, sorry, soapbox there, but seriously, I strive very hard to surround myself with good people, positive people, people who give love not hate. I feel like my inner self, my soul if you will, is so much more at ease when I do so.

And quite honestly, that is why I love the skincare business I am in! The people that I surround myself in with Rodan and Fields are nothing less than amazing. Positive, uplifting, and supportive. I love everything about aligning myself with that kind of energy.

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