Print Skirt

Katie commented when I came home from school today: ” You look like a school teacher from a movie, a school teacher who loves to teach”. Earlier in the day I was looking at the print of the skirt and thought it looked like a pair of curtains I used to have. But I’m a sucker for a good print, and if there’s a paisley in it, call it mine!!

The cream tee is just one I have had for a while, from Lands End. The shoes are my favorite brand of sandal “Vionic”. Always cute and the arch support is out of this world. You can walk for miles and miles in these, and I have! The necklace was from a direct marking company called Plunder, one of our teachers recommended this little grouping she did and I fell in love with this necklace, feminine and chunky at the same time. The sweater is also a Lands End and also not new this season. The skirt is JC Penney Click here and is still available.

Well, I’ve shared with you about my puppy, Hanks going to have surgery on Monday, he’ll have part of his gum and jaw removed. In the midst of all that crisis, we’re also dealing with this:

See all the trees in the background with full foliage? Our beautiful 60 year old tree that proved our backyard with tons of shade and squirrels for entertainment and birds…. it died mid summer last year. We hoped and hoped it would come back this spring but it didn’t, so we have to take it down. If you look closely you’ll see power lines , a fence, and a tree 20-30(?) feet tall. Good grief!

So on top of the specialized medical bill for the dog and all of that they expense, now we have to pay someone a boatload of money to take the tree down. When it rains it pours! So if you don’t see me out and about a lot this summer, know that I’m “licking my financial wounds” so to speak. And there’s no shade in my backyard to sit under while I do it now.

I walked into work yesterday morning and my window blinds looked like this:

I said “yup, that’s exactly how I feel”…… that was an easy fix though! Have much prettier blinds in there now.

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