Sheath Dress Different Color

Does anyone else do that? Find something they love and buy it in several colors? The sheath dress from Walmart I featured a couple of weeks ago I also have in a white and blue stripe. Now I know fashion rules say that plus size gals shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes, but I just think it adds to the appeal of this dress.

Not sure why I didn’t take my sweater off so you could see the dress alone, it was 7 am and I was distracted would be my guess! This dress does run a bit snug so I went up a size, it’s junior sized, so I accounted for that. The quality is pretty impressive for the price. Fully lined and nice thick linen like material. And it’s Walmart so it was under $15.

The shoes are from Bealls of Florida. They are seriously comfortable but I can’t decide if they look like a 3 year olds or an 83 year olds.

This necklace was from bestie when I was in her wedding…. 15 years ago!!! Buy quality, it lasts.

  • The sweater I found at JC Penney, ANA brand, fits true to size. I really like the length of this sweater… covers the tush.
  • Our school is a really old building so this time of year we have to dress for very chilly mornings in the office and then very hot afternoons or in the winter, a freezing cold Monday followed by a warming up Tuesday and then it’s fine by the end of the week. Does anyone else do that? Turn their heat really low when they won’t be there for a period of time and then warm it up when you get there (home)? I’m not sure how much energy this saves, I should do some research. FBI level research, because my friends and family all have differing opinions.
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