Paper Bag Waists

I’ve seen these pants all over this spring, the ones that you have to tuck your shirt in for and I was pretty convinced that I couldn’t wear them because I never tuck my shirt in, but on a recent trip to Walmart I saw a striped pair that I was really drawn to, so I tried them on, in the store… I NEVER try things on in the store, I hate trying things on in the store, but over spring break I went to Chico’s with my friend Lisa and we had THE BEST time trying in all kinds of things and chatting up the sales ladies, they kept bringing us more to try….. what a great time! So I’m over my attitude about using dressing rooms.

I love these pants! I CAN wear them and I DID wear them today. Along with a basic navy tee from Lands End, I love that their navy is a dark navy, and a white blazer that I bought 4 years ago to wear to Katie’s graduation, but it was in the 90s that day, so I took a pass on the blazer!

The necklace is one I’ve worn before, just one from one of those 3rd party stores. Ours in our town is called “Label Shopper” and sometimes it’s overwhelming because they put a lot of stuff in this building, but if you’ve got patience you can find good stuff now and again.

Do you ever get excited about something your spouse is doing, has didn’t or didn’t do? That’s my term for it, “getting excited”. Tonight I got excited because he let the cat slip out. Roger the female cat is a lovely 5 year old who has never liked to be held or touched, except now and again on her terms. So I fear if something happens to her I won’t be able to administer medicine or whatever. Even if she were to meet up with a skunk, I don’t know how I’d bathe her. So we used some treats and some tricks and it wasn’t working so I got a little exasperated. The poor hubs, he’s the brunt of my exasperation most of the time. It’s a good thing he loves me as much as he does, because sometimes I just get excited!

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