Sheath Dress

Wal Mart for the win! Wal Mart has really stepped up its game in the apparel department! Check out this railroad striped sheath I found for under $15. I really could’ve dressed it up several ways… wouldn’t red shoes and a red necklace have really popped against this?

I went for the white sweater as it is still spring in Michigan. Mornings are chilly and you never know what you’re going to get as the day wears on.

Notice the nails still hanging in their? Color Street day 3. Wear gloves when you do the dishes, or make your kids do them…

The shoes are Naot. They are so good on your feet. Made in Israel, and well made at that, you can literally walk for miles and still be comfortable. The grey style was new last year and I really like it, it’s versatile and goes with all shades of grey.

The necklace came from Target a couple of years ago. I’m a pretty symmetrical kind of gal (mathematician in college) but I like the crazy placement and size of all the beads on this, really complements The clean lines of the dress.

Home and back at school today from my little quick trip to Illinois. Quite honestly I don’t usually travel over Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends, Michigan is such a touristy, everyone go up north kind of place the traffic is usually insane, so we cut it a little short and came home Sunday with no traffic issues at all.

The hubs didn’t get so lucky, he got caught in some weird fog thing in Rapid City SD and was 24 hours delayed between there and Minneapolis. He’s back to swearing that he’ll never travel again….. at least until the next time… 😉

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