Navy Dress and Birkenstocks

I actually wore navy and white wedges when I needed to be a little more dressed up in this dress, but for walking around, driving and comfort, I chose the navy Birkenstocks. This Lands End dress is one of my favorites, I love its clean lines and of course THE POCKETS!

Below are some of my observations in Galva while doing my 3 mile walk!

Trains are a big part of Galva life. When we lived here, the train ran right behind our home, the first few months they would wake us up all night long, as the months went on though we learned to tune them out, to the point that you didn’t pay attention to the sound until someone pointed it out.

Gus’ taco house is no longer operational, but back in our time it was a great place to get good food at affordable prices. Our dear friend Lisa’s parents owned it and provided delicious food to our little town. I’m glad the sign is still there, it brings back such fond memories!

Doesn’t every small town in America have a canon in their town square park? Maybe not, but our town does. A fountain, a canon and a monument to war hero’s!

Did you ever see the story on the internet of “The Most Amazing Harvest”? The story about the young farmer who passed away and the whole community of farmers worked together to harvest his crops for his family?! That was right here in my little hometown!

There’s a great New Orleans style bar downtown now. They did a wonderful job bringing life back into an old building, while keeping the integrity of the 150+ year old building. Stop in The Crescent City Tap if you get a chance, the service is great and the beer is cold!

Of course there would be red, white, and blue bunting for Memorial Day in this patriotic little middle America town. It was the first time I had seen a fire hydrant this close to a porch before though.

Rounding out the walking tour was the armory and the downtown. The streets were pretty empty because it was early in the morning, but that just allowed for easy photo journaling. Galva Illinois, “The City of Go”, the 165 year old, small, patriotic, Midwest Swedish settlement where my people are from!

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