Cinnamon Rolls

My favorite way to explore a town or city is to walk it!

Today I combined my morning workout with exploring the town that I call my Illinois hometown. I took my pictures while I walked. Galva, Illinois is a small town (used to be population 3200, but now it’s closer to 2400) so I’m sure people were watching me, wondering what the heck I was doing!

The place to stay in Galva is The Super 8 Hotel. I always highly recommend it; it very, very clean, convenient to anything in Galva or Kewanee, the beds are very comfortable and it’s very affordable. It’s not fancy, no plush towels or notes left by the bedside with a Diet Coke (thank you Hotel Monaco Chicago) but that’s okay. It meets the needs, and truly I appreciate clean and NO smoking!

Galva has a “down town square”. You can drive all around the square and there are businesses all the way around it. So this morning I set out around the square to start my 3 miles. About half way around THE MOST DELICIOUS SMELL came out of this store front, I almost kept going, but got drawn into the store by this amazing smell. So I popped into the store front and it turns out it’s a bakery, the building USED to be bakery but it closed a couple of years ago after EIGHTY years in business. The most lovely women came out from the kitchen to greet me. We chatted for about 10 minutes and she shared her story! What a great story, sounded to me like she had Divine intervention that led her to Galva, to open a bakery and to be EXACTLY where she is suppose to be. I felt like I was chatting with a dear friend the whole time , I LOVE stories like that and meeting people like that! I finished my walk and grabbed some $$ from my hotel room and returned to the bakery to buy cinnamon rolls and yeast rolls. These baked goods are the real deal. Her mother’s recipes that are what I like to call “real” food. No artificial anything, no fake food, no preservatives, just great tasting food!

So my food review for today is about the cinnamon rolls from “The Special Kneads” bakery. Get the cinnamon rolls, you won’t regret it. Warm, just the perfect amount of cinnamon and icing on these yeasty rolls of goodness. Wait a minute… WHY is it called “special kneads”….listen to this… her youngest son has cerebral palsy (I hope I get this story right…) and he’s in the special needs program in Geneseo, SO several from his class come and learn the skill of baking! That was so successful other districts special needs programs have created classes that she supports as well. So good food, good woman, doing good things… You MUST take a detour off of I-80 at about mile marker 27 and stop into “The Special Kneads Bakery” for these cinnamon rolls.

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