Two Beauty Products from Drug Store

You know I like to share things I find! Especially things that are reasonably priced.

Last winter we had a fundraiser to attend, I had a great little flannel shirt to wear. I loved it but felt it needed a pop, so I set out to find a good red lipstick. Talk about a challenge. Who knew there so many shades, so many textures, so many finishes…. I found I needed a blue base rather than an orange Hue-d red. And for a very minimal cost, less than $7, I found a fantastic one at Wal Mart by Rimmel. It actually had two ends, the color on one end and a clear gloss on the other. The color goes on and dries, and stains the lips for hours. I wore it to school today, and after coffee, breakfast, more coffee and lunch, I reapplied right after lunch. It really lasted well and I love the shade!

The next product I’ve actually used it for several years, but I love it so much I have to share it. Eyebrows now are really paid attention to. If I’m wearing “full makeup” I like to use a light shade of “Brows”, but for everyday or when I don’t want my eyebrows to be highlighted, I use this clear eyebrow gel. It keeps everything neat and tidy without drawing attention or being “too much”. One end is for eyebrows and one end is for eyelashes, quite honestly I use both ends for eyebrows and it will last a good six months. ELF cosmetics puts this out and againI found it at Walmart for less than $5.

Aren’t Snapchat filters fun?

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